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What stories could this farm truck share with us?


I lucked out and NieR: Replicant [Square Root of 1.5] was delivered a whole day early!

Guess today marks my clearing of this game, leading into a replay of NieR: Automata. Time to get comfy on the sofa.

This weekend I used one of my Raspberry Pis to host a web server and a Wordpress instance! It's been a solid decade since I've explored anything web-related, so I'm taking time in building a simple portfolio.

It's been super fun so far, even working within the confines of the default theme.

I took my time with this one and finally drew my OC Chaska again. Wanted to do something colorful and somewhat painterly. Wanted to emulate Loish's art style a bit, but I'm far away from her skill level. ^^° Really happy with the result so far. :3

Recording footage yesterday was super fun! Even if the final product comes out amateurish, we had a great meal. The next mini-goal is to start re-learning Premiere for the editing process...

Considering my older Sony Handycam doesn't record higher than 1080p 60i, but my Fujifilm can do 4k... it has been a while, huh

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The first recipe we're producing a video on is pan-fried mahi-mahi! We're picking randomly through the culinarian log in our goal to make a recipe video on everything.

It's been ages since I've recorded footage, so hopefully this weekend won't feel too arduous.

I just discovered that on the website which lists Tableau's public datasets, one of the sample sets is entirely Pokemon based. How fun!

These are retroactively going to be the anthropomorphic holo-projections of my Lancer pilot's drone retinue, and this is the Snare Drone

May I offer you some diakko with zigzagoon? (I mean it has been quite some time that I last drawn some art of could that have happened? *gasp*)

Nakagin Capsule Tower - ink

Done! This is the iconic Nakagin Capsule Tower building near Ginza, Tokyo. Built in the 60s it's an example of Japanese Metabolism. Each capsule is removable. The tower has fallen into disrepair, the warm water has been turned off and many of the capsules are abandoned. It's likely the building will be torn down, as renovation would be too expensive.

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Decided to have this one as my avatar. Watercolor drawing that I made in a humorous mood 😋

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