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Around the city, I've been finding supportive, trans-inclusive stickers placed on swaths of public items - doors, poles, signs, bulletin boards, etc. :heart_sp_trans:

In 2008 I was like “god, Noir is so boring, it’s nothing but slow shots of girls with guns looking moody while wearing casual clothes,” but now I am older and wiser, and realize that it actually rules, it’s nothing but slow shots of girls with guns looking moody while wearing cas

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Still pretty difficult to translate the official art into my own rendition of them, but I'm having fun!

A hundred years later, here. The flames texture is so much better irl than what you see here, this is by far the most challenging, technic, and satisfying bookmark to make. We got fire, ice and thunder. I refuse to put in laylines because I hated it in game.

As much my plan was to now blast through the others, hahaha I somehow destroyed my molds by being a bit of a gorilla with it. But the rest are coming. One day.

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Photo of food 

As context, here’s the photo I’m referencing - - plus a screenshot taken on my iPad. (The Flickr app is failing to download the image for some reason, at the moment)

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The photo I submitted made it onto the featured explore for today! That was a nice surprise to see when I woke up this morning

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I think tomorrow is Flickr’s monthly featured Explore collection of photos, hopefully mine will make it in. The theme was food photography this month, which I did have one decent one to put in for consideration. We’ll see…

please draw a very tired person or animal or fantasy creature for me! also boost this because it is very important that many tired persons or animals or fantasy creatures are drawn!

art eye contact 

and finally, blue alisaie! /j

FOREAL THO i love him!! so baby! so earnest! so pretty.

art eye contact 

red alphinaud /j

fr though i love her. who let her be so good. so practical. so sassy. can she be my sister please

Practiced some street photography today and it’s such an anxiety-inducing experience trying to capture candid photos, unnoticed, while also retaining a subject’s anonymity. Oh and half of the images come out blurry anyways, shooting from the hip. But I still got like two photos I’m content with from the experiment and that’s exhilarating!

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