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What stories could this farm truck share with us?


Beer in photo 

Today's tip is for those times you're car camping. Maybe you forgot your bottle opener and need to open a glass bottle.

Fear not, open your vehicle's door, take a look at the door's frame, and you can use the latch as a built-in bottle opener!

Today's fun fact is about (one of) Shimarin's hats!

A functionally stylish beanie, it's a cable-knit hat topped with a pom-pom. Wool, acrylic, and polyester leads to a warm fit.

We catch glimpses of her wearing it through several episodes. This is yet another Montbell item. (And a favorite within my own cold-weather wardrobe!)

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We are present in the Fediverse for all sorts of reasons.

We typically know each other through our posts because, mostly, we are not acquainted in any other way.

It can sometimes be difficult to know what to say. We try our best...with help from our community moderators so we ADD to conversation and not cause one another harm.

This is the way of the Fediverse.

Thanks to all who interact with me, "here".

Thinking of starting a video series based off the Culinarian recipes from , where we bring the dishes to life with real-life equivalents. With perhaps a supplementary Zine cookbook of the recipe steps behind it?

US Politics 

Today has been a day of renewed hope being added to my underlying persistent grief. It feels tough to reconcile the emotions, but, at least, the fight feels reinvigorated.

Today, I got in the mail a print from the wonderful @znnavigator !

I love how much texture this print has to it.

I should treat myself to a camera wrist-strap, that would be a nice upgrade for when I carry it around town. Having it on the larger strap around the neck feels cumbersome to me - whether in my hands or in my small bag.

Another ink piece, some steampunk-ish eye glasses I saw in a photo long ago, I really wanted to draw something similar so here they are. 😁

Bohemian Punk Night
ink on paper

#mastoart #art #drawing #ink

“I will not stop. There is nothing I would not sacrifice to cut a path to Fódlan’s new dawn!”


Currently writing what may potentially be one of the most important cover letters of my career, so, naturally, I'm listening to Final Fantasy music.

En ce moment, je joue pas mal à #Persona5Royal et j'ai un petit faible pour #futabasakura . 👀

Voici comment je l'imagine un peu plus grande !

#gamergirl #NintendoSwitch #mastoart #ArtOfTheDay

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