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I'm Katie Ampersand. I was in but it died, so I'm here temporarily until that is fixed. I might actually choose another instance.

I do a lot of things, I don't think I have a main form of art.

Check out my stuff on my profile and at, I hope it's, at the very least, kinda neat

Hey! So uh, I don't use this nor my eldritch café acount a lot but I feel like it's worth announcing that I'm making a !!

It's called , it uses a similar format to MSPA (think stuff like Homestuck), and is inspired a lot by stuff like . It has music, its drawn in and has some animated pages. There's also discord server and a Matrix room to discuss theories about it.

You can read it here:

Boost this if you like soup or

if you wanna destroy capitalism

Slugcat Rain World from the videogame #RainWorld.

#art #drawing #MastoArt

i wanted to practice slugcat anatomy so i googled rainworld slugcat and picked the cutest drawing i found and tried to make it in Noodle

#art #drawing

Something different from what I usually do. I find this kind of style really endearing so I tried my hand at it, didn't go as well as I'd've wished, but hey, it's cool.

I used the Noodle ( drawing program for this

There's a sudden small (but not unnoticeable) influx of a few people following me and my backup accounts on other servers. Hewwo!

I wonder if it's because of the twitter thing. It's a dumpster fire over there.

Also noticed that a lot of my art deals with humans taking eternity for themselves, how that can go wrong and right, what the search might look like, and how even if the search is futile it may not be pointless

I love how even when I write a story, the story itself is secondary to the worldbuilding. I just use dialogues and extensive descriptions to showcase something about the world.

Please boost for awareness

Koyu is back up, so that's my main account once again. I'll check this one out from time to time, but if you like what I make, check

Hot take: Rust tuples should start at 1, the only reason to start at 0 is easier math when iterating through them, but that can't be done with these, so starting at 1 would give natural-er counting

(this is for the most part a joke)

Thinking we could remake tlennis to not have teams. It was probably a weird choice

And without teams I can use the lore Ash had planned for Smlash

#drawing i made in an artstyle i had in mind for a long time, took me a while to materialize it


when my hands fight over which one can type faster, which ends up making words be typed wrong, that's my brain's equivalent of a data race

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