Nice art!
Have you tried bringing some to Wesnoth (or others free projects)?

@LienRag I did, but not to that project in particular though. The griffon art for example was actually made for one charity project, Tyrian Tarot, which was a total blast :) indiegogo.com/projects/tyrian-

@Thavie I actually don't know who you are, but you have cats
So welcome! 😋​
And for Wesnoth , @LienRag , i am curious to see what kind of fan art that could do…

@Xalofar @Thavie

No need to be fan art, there's a lot of genuine art needed...
(especially difficult is to create new uniforms for units in order for them to be both beautiful and easy to distinguish from the others).

But there's a lot of art possible for different uses too.

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