*pops head up out of giant pile of life events*

Oh, why hello there!

@micrackbiron Excellent restraint skills. I always get the urge rising when it pesters me for my Kroger ID number.

Pet health update (+) 

Pup is through surgery, had like 1/4 of undigested nylon/wood chew bone in her stomach. She's gonna be staying the night at the animal hospital just so there's someone watching her.

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@eightbitsamurai@elekk.xyz if only there had been decades of back material from officially sanctioned creators, an "Extended Universe", if you will.

Pet health 

Our 1 year old corgi pup is going into surgery, because she's got something clogging up her stomach.

Y'am worried.

I might be a bit tapped out, energy-wise.

Don't wanna call it burnout

(It's probably burnout)

Oh hey! The @Kamikaze Kickstarter is fully funded! We've got some cool stretch goals, and just added a bunch of bonus digital rewards for backers.

The campaign ends in, like, 30ish hours, so now's a good time to back the campaign if it's your thing.


death, Star Trek 

@noelle @KBY30 I wasn't ready for this... he seemed like a pretty awesome guy aside from his acting chops too!

Req. for help / Kickstarter 

Hi fedi-friends, I'm wondering if anyone could help me and my team out:

Would you be willing to visit our page and respond back with the first question that pops into your head?

We're trying to find things which might be confusing people.


Twitter screencap(+), badly contained fanboying 

Oh wow, okay. Alright. Cool.
The co-creator of SEIS MANOS just backed my Kickstarter.


#kickstarter Update! We're less than $300 away from $10k!

We're raising funds to finish a 2D animated short, and to make a comics anthology with some badass collaborators.

If you're interested in indie science fiction, whether in #comics or #animation, we'd love your support!


#MastoArt #MakingComics #scifi #cyberpunk

Gun violence 

One thing I hate about living in Georgia: having to play "Gunshot or Fireworks" on a regular basis.

One of the really cool backer rewards we're offering is a printable, downloadable tabletop brawl game! Check out this video about it: youtu.be/yJeFNu0nOe4 #Kickstarter


I had a celebration beer.

It has gone *straight* to my head.

Maybe I should get some rest.

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