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Inadvertent implied child abuse 

Found this gem parked at Home Depot.

Maybe this should have been thought through a tiny bit more...

We playtested my board game this weekend, and it went really well! Excited about the idea of polishing it further!

Food, body function reference 

Font choices are important.

It feels good to be exploring game design again! Play tested with @mermaidshells last night, and had a blast even though she thoroughly creamed me.

After years away from music production, I downloaded Hydrogen again. This is the result after a few hours of tinkering. All Hydrogen and Audacity synthesis.

Not too shabby.

Been working on the official Sigil of Trinity, the dystopian city @Kamikaze is set in, and I think I'm gonna have to stop myself before I sink another 48 hours into tweaking it even more!

Roadtripping back from and the music options at this hotel in Kansas are mind-blowing.

When you suddenly need to make character turnaround sheets for 5 or so characters from your comic and you realize how you've been drifting off model for years.

Tonight's sketch has been brought to you by rampant executive dysfunction.

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