Twitter screencap(+), badly contained fanboying 

Oh wow, okay. Alright. Cool.
The co-creator of SEIS MANOS just backed my Kickstarter.


Kickstarter Launch (caps) 

AAAH! It took all night to get it ready to go, but we've launched the for @Kamikaze 's Short and !

We've got Monica Rial and Johnathan Young as voices!!

biz talk, clown 

That moment when you realize you actually *do* know where your potential book customers are because you've been running a webcomic with Google Analytics on it for the last five years.

Selfie, ec 

I've been left to run the booth at Multiverse Con by myself. Time for awkward selfies!

Worker rights discourse 

Jobs should come with a safety rating system the way that hazardous materials do. Like:

Blue: Physical Health Risk
Red: Mental Health Risk
Yellow: Occupational Stress Risk
White: Special Conditions (Unpredictable Hours, Risk of Random Violence, etc)

Hurricane, Hellbird Site, Advertising 

And the Early Winner for Tackiest Use of a Natural Disaster goes to...

Boy, I sure do love puppies. This is going to make comic production fun this week.

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