@grainloom I've been fantasizing as of late about burning OpenSim's codebase to the ground and rebuilding around modern federation protocols. They got close-ish with the Hypergrid protocol, but the whole thing is such a legacy tarball at the moment.

@ThatTupperKid please do that! it would be so awesome!
i don't have time to work on something this big right now but i think a lot of people would want to see something like it happen.

@grainloom Yeah, time/energy/competence are all limiting factors on my end too. I think if I had my druthers though I'd implement around Godot for the reference client implementation.

@ThatTupperKid @grainloom
Tearing it to the ground is necessary to make it sensible TBH. LL protocols (let alone code!) is an aggregation of ugly hacks that were never a good idea in the first place.

@enkiv2 @grainloom All the ugly hacks made sense at the time (sort of). But yeah, it's pretty much gas can and matches time.

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