Last 48 hours 

Me, furiously Googling: "I wonder how much it costs to bootstrap a flotilla of converted deep ocean vessels these days..."

PSA, RAICES Fundraiser 


Very Important Poll For Print Buyers 

uspol, trek reference 


ICE stopped a man in his car outside his home this morning. When he refused to open his door without seeing a warrant (which ICE refused to show), ICE busted a back window and dragged the man from the car. When a bystander asked about a warrant, ICE threatened to shoot her.


YouTube, Etsy, scam 

Pol, resistance 

Area 51, overheard conversation 

Area 51, overheard conversation 

assistance request, discussion of shitty living situations 

Net, decentralization 

Mh - 

Mh - 

Police state, gun mention 

Comic fretting 

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