Heya all, I've decided to try to move all of my non-art stuff over to @tupperware

If you'd like to follow my brain-dribblings there, cool! I'm going to try to focus on using this account more for actual, y'know, art.

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Answering personally, I feel like I do self-censor on social media. A lot. I feel like there's simply things I'm feeling or thinking that simply would not be good things to share.

With regards to the fediverse, I feel a stronger pressure that I *should* be more open, given its nature.

Maybe I just need an(other) account that's meant just for letting all this stuff ventilate?

Open questions: How much would you say you self-censor on social media to ensure you project a certain image of yourself?

Does the fediverse make you more or less compelled to do so?

#Webcomic Update!

Audrey answers more of Markesha’s questions, and the answers aren’t particularly comforting.


Kamikaze is a weekly #scifi #animation #thriller in #comic form!

Me: Time for bed!
*Reflexively opens InDesign for some reason*

Welp, can officially cross "Have meeting at Netflix" of the ol' bucket list. Not the results we were hoping for, but still a very educational experience.

NGL pretty heckin' proud of these two test backgrounds I recently cranked out for a few of our projects!

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#Webcomic update! Pg. 34: Counter Interception

Audrey makes her move to recover Markesha but is surprised by the new recruit.

Kamikaze is a weekly #scifi series that's one part #MadMax, one part #Alita!

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Just finished reading Blackfish City, gonna need a while to process!

Struck by the need for local non-profits which can act as facilitators for organizations which need to divest from centralized spying-as-a-service platforms. Help them migrate and deploy Nextcloud, Rocket.Chat, etc. and train members how to effectively use and self-govern these platforms.

Fan Conventions: The unholy cross between traveling carnivals and music festivals with less large randomly collapsing metal structures.

Currently at a conference for kids animation, ama I guess?

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