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I guess one thing I get a little pride over in this is the drones. I never used to create my own samples, I'd just pull from existing libraries. This at least gives me the feeling that I might be able to craft some things on my own.

After years away from music production, I downloaded Hydrogen again. This is the result after a few hours of tinkering. All Hydrogen and Audacity synthesis.

Not too shabby.

Carbon Sandiego: Stylish globetrotting rogue who disappears major carbon emission sources in the dead of night.

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Been working on the official Sigil of Trinity, the dystopian city @Kamikaze is set in, and I think I'm gonna have to stop myself before I sink another 48 hours into tweaking it even more!

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Surely I could have found room for a few more hyphenated terms.

If anime ever gets its own industry foothold in the US, my One Wish that it's inclusive as hell.

Surely we can tell stories that feature more than pasty thirst-bait for alt-right proto-inductees.

I still can't get into, so I've returned to these greener pastures for my hourly fix of Vitamin Fedi

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Then the procrastinator had an idea. A wonderful, stupid idea.

Does anyone have ideas why would be continually throwing code 500 errors?

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