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Pet health 

I might be a bit tapped out, energy-wise.

Don't wanna call it burnout

(It's probably burnout)

Oh hey! The @Kamikaze Kickstarter is fully funded! We've got some cool stretch goals, and just added a bunch of bonus digital rewards for backers.

The campaign ends in, like, 30ish hours, so now's a good time to back the campaign if it's your thing.

Req. for help / Kickstarter 

Twitter screencap(+), badly contained fanboying 

#kickstarter Update! We're less than $300 away from $10k!

We're raising funds to finish a 2D animated short, and to make a comics anthology with some badass collaborators.

If you're interested in indie science fiction, whether in #comics or #animation, we'd love your support!

#MastoArt #MakingComics #scifi #cyberpunk

Gun violence 

One of the really cool backer rewards we're offering is a printable, downloadable tabletop brawl game! Check out this video about it: #Kickstarter


Kickstarter promo fretting 

Kickstarter Launch (caps) 

Ever get a highly anticipated delivery before a big deadline and discover it's utterly insufficient for your needs and probably not even worth what you've paid for it?


@Kamikaze All we have to do this week is shoot a video, finish the campaign page, hammer down reward deliverables, post another comic page, travel out of state, run a vendor booth, have two doctor appointments, two meetings, do a podcast interview, and not pass out.

Easy peasy.

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We are officially one week out from the @Kamikaze Kickstarter launch and naturally I am running around like my hair is on fire.

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