Day 8: (Symphonic) Metal!
Catwish is coming to a venue near you with hits like 'Ghosts of Ascalon Score', 'The Greatest Show on Tyria' and 'Catnipicide'!
I'm prosecuting myself for these puns so yall don't have to

@Tetraethyl They never do live shows because they shove everything of the edge of the stage and hunt the laser effects.

@Tetraethyl This is awesome! Meowtastic!

(Although, I'm a bit saddened that you didn't include Troy Donockley (but to be fair, I had to look at wikipedia to remember his name) )

@zatnosk The one and only reason there is not a cat representative of Troy is because I was super running out of time, I'm sorry! D: But thank you

@Tetraethyl It's okay. I just assume they're playing an old song without pipes, and he's taking a break backstage.

@zatnosk haha, yep! I based this off the Wacken festival show, the one that's super famous for Ghost Love Score, and I hadn't seen him anywhere on stage for that specific performance as well
( Also if you can believe it, I only found out about Nightwish in April, so forgive me for lack of knowledge! )

@Tetraethyl Oh he was definitely there at the concert! (And so was I :blobheart: )
He plays in "I want my tears back":

But that song is actually older than him joining the band, so he was very likely taking a break backstage!

(That's okay, I only found out about Nightwish when somebody told me - that it was.. 14? years ago is less important :P )

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