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Well, I have to do it. Most weeks are a struggle for my family, so I'm going to boost this every week or so! If you are able and willing - and ONLY if you are able and willing - please consider supporting me on Ko-Fi! I want to more regularly help with living expenses, mostly pet supplies since that's what usually ends up running out too fast (there's no pet supply assistance here) so I've set a bi-weekly goal!

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Ayy I have arrived! I'm Tetraethyl and I do mostly Guild Wars 2 content, but I also make a ton of OCs and sometimes other fanart :D
I'm self taught 100%, FtM, and I have a /lot/ of cats + one dog. I'm trying to help support my family with my art and just pursue my dreams the best I can!

Ah yes. Me. My boyfriend. And his roughly 250 pound baby elder dragon.

Have a meme, yall

Post "shot in the eye by Bangar" look.
This was after the events of Shadow in the Ice, where Adrexolai recuperated at the Eye of the North by absorbing the enchanted fire from Bangar's arrow.

Art sponsored by ArenaNet! (I know, almost all my posts are this pfff)

Adrexolai in a modified version of the Gem Aura outfit \o/
I like this outfit a lot, and wanted to put some of his traits in with it (the blue fire, the hornstyle) to make it really his. I want to do more of these eventually

This art is sponsored by ArenaNet!

Rorrhim Scorchwither is my Flame Legion reaper whose necro magic is unique in that instead of ice, he uses fire. His undead are charred, burning husks - hence where he got the name Scorchwither.

This art is sponsored by ArenaNet!

This is Blue Myska, one of my Largos \o/
This art is sponsored by ArenaNet!

My client says she loves new friends on gw2, so if you would like to add her as a friend as well, her ingame name is MeiFann.4507 \o/

This was such a great piece to work on, I'm proud of how it came out and I now have a new friend out of this djkfhasldfkahl

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A commission I just finished for ArenaNet, of the inspiring and glorious character, Sven Loxfield, belonging to @/jlsketch on instagram!

The more I learned about Sven, the more he and Adrexolai seemed to be two sides of the same coin, which made working on this so much fun!

Ahhh sorry I've been absent for so long! I'm going to do some smol spam of new art lfajsdl;f

Sorry I've been absent from here, a lot has been happening and I've mostly just focused on art and Twitter @__@
Will have stuff to post soon!

New icon time! This one of Adrexolai having front facing camera problems

I've delivered salad content on this day
Art sponsored by ArenaNet

This year was rough af, but I think I improved a whole lot, and did a lot more than I ever have @A@
Putting this together I kind of realized just how much I really did... it was hard to pick which to focus on dkfjhlaskdjf

In my AU, Aurene isn't the only 'good' elder dragon. Jerixxa, formerly known as Plaguemaster Jeresyk, is the rightful heir to Mordremoth's throne, and took it himself. This is him in elder dragon mode \o/
The weird hand theme is still present, but unlike his Mordrem commander version, his eyes are not covered because he is no longer blinded by an oppressor.
Art sponsored by

Politics, elections 

I don't think it's a coincidence that during all of this, our GOP is floating ideas of a third term for Trump, this is no joke, it never was a joke, this is a world reverting to authoritarian rule and fascism. I'm actually scared about it. I stg.

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Politics, elections 

I desperately need everyone in the US to watch what is happening to the UK right now and take that as a hard warning for what we are facing in 2020. We can't play around anymore, we all HAVE to go vote or risk this again. I am seeing this happen and the first thing I thought about was we better not fucking sleep on our elections next year; there IS a fascist base and they ARE voting. Wake up, Russia can only do so much without dropping bombs on everyone.

I try to avoid pushing this so often, but because of recent craziness, we need some help with pet stuff while I'm trying to catch up on my backlog! If you are able, willing and believe it's worth it, please consider boosting or supporting me on Ko-fi!

Sorry I haven't been posting here much lately, a lot has been happening of the not so awesome variety, and I've just been either exhausted keeping up with the social media I have, or working to try and catch up. I have to start pushing my Ko-fi again here soon, but I wanted to finish something first. Things are rough as usual here, but more especially because of the fiasco we had to deal with about our electricity and my mom's health has gotten worse.

Life really needs to give my family a break. I don't know how much more we can take of this. OTL

You think it can't get worse and then it does.

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