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I have decided to compromise my values and finally enter into a compact with the Great Corporate Satan, and have now got Paramount+ running in Google Chrome on Ubuntu Studio 20.04.

My new word of the week is "skeevy". Skeevy trackers, skeevy DRM, skeevy streaming interface, skeevy advertisements. Anti-features all over the place. Dark patterns galore. This is truly a product of the Evil One.

We have learned lessons from everything that’s gone wrong, and right, with the current generation of smart devices and social media. We need to apply these lessons to ensure human rights are preserved in all realities.

So if you're going to leak documents in printed form, make sure they're printed on an Okidata or Samsung printer. But I think most people would leak documents in electronic form.

Retrospective on my project work in 2021, in the form of a 10-minute video summary:

Okay... New Year... First up...


Seriously, it looks like our false-summer is over and there's a hard freeze in the forecast for tonight. January is happening now.

I don't really go out for New Years Eve anyway. This year we played games: Clue, Moon (domino game), and Fluxx (Monty Python edition). Was a lot of fun!

#HappyNewYear and best wishes for 2022 to all!! May the next year be the start of so many wonderful things! 😁

Happy New Year!

Black-eyed peas are in the slow-cooker pot, but they need to stew longer.

Despite everything, I'm feeling cautiously optimistic about 2022.

Finishing up the last tasks I decided I wanted to get cleared before the year finished.

NOT everything I had hoped to finish at last New Years, by a long shot, but the stuff I decided I didn't want to live with in the New Year.

At some point, I'm going to have to get to the grocery store, as we still haven't got everything for tomorrow's black-eyed peas.

Useful page for keeping tabs on the JWST mission as our Christmas present slowly unwraps itself:

Saw "Matrix Resurrections". Hopefully no spoilers? 

Interesting. Better than I feared. Extremely self-referential to the point of self-parody, but had some new elements and developments I liked.

I put it in the same general category as "Animatrix" -- interesting supplement, though not really artistically necessary to the main messages of the franchise.

If you're a fan of the whole franchise, you'll probably enjoy it.

There is also a Christmas OVA for Ranma 1/2, and we watched that one, too.

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Standard Ebooks is a pretty great source for #drm-free #ebooks. They take #PublicDomain books from #ProjectGutenberg and improve the quality (typography, metadata, cover art, etc).

Merry Christmas!

I think this is best tree we've had in a few years. Son and daughter decorated it. A number of ornaments made by my mother. A couple of tie-ins to the offsprings' community theater Christmas production.

And I finally figured out an angle I could get a photo of the whole tree from.

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