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Apparently it's international news that Kamala Harris will be in charge for a couple of hours while Biden is indisposed and unconscious?

That's called "being Vice President". We already made this decision. Not News.

Software shapes society. #FreeSoftware improves it.

📽️ Check our new video that reflects the core values of software #freedom and pleads for more respect and #diversity in Free Software communities.

Important Correction 

It's a lava lamp when the lava is flowing over open ground.

It's a magma lamp when the magma is contained within the lamp.

It's a volcano lamp during the transition stage.

@Framasoft est en pleine hype rétro vintage et propose de remplacer vos tableurs par un bon vieux boulier (surtout s'il est dessiné par @davidrevoy )

… et les calculs deviennent enfin magiques.

It helps to have a specific spot in mind. I'm not sure I can 100% justify this location, geologically, but I liked the topography around the Iridium Basin.

Android file management is a nightmare. In the zeal to make everything "user friendly" and "hardware independent" they've made it virtually impossible to figure out where things are actually stored, how much space they are taking, and crucially, what is hogging up so much space.

It shows me that "internal storage" is full, but loads of space on SD. But the list of "large files" just shows stuff on SD! No way to specify storage. That's not helping!

Ouch. I have a real problem with this, both as a user and as a developer (which of these many package standards should I use?).

@randynose @thomasfuchs @joeyh

If it doesn't support XUL, it ain't Firefox. I'm just sayin'. Firefox, the real one, ended in 2017. Move on to the past.

Another set based on a real location. I drew the designs for this based on overhead satellite photos (very good for setting scale and figuring out the layout) and tourist photos (for up front details).

Of course, this market has actually been remodeled a few times, and presumably will be again. I was surprised how close it is to the train station (a very short walk).

It's not entirely clear what would be here in 2040. Clearly I am assuming there are still bookstores!

My impression of Baikonur, Kazakhstan, from my research is that it's a weird little town in the middle of the (semi-)desert with lots of old tenement housing and monuments. Obviously had to include a few of the more memorable ones in the tour.

Sathish Kumar modeled the "Stele to Science and Space" monument, lamp posts, and benches. The rest of the set is by me. Characters by Bela Szabo / Keneisha Perry.

The trees are billboards rendered from models by Yorik van Havre.

"Because I don't want to put in the effort" IS a valid reason not to get good at something.

Trying to do everything yourself will kill you. Or just take a ridiculously long time. You only have so much you: spend your time learning the things that are most important to you.

Whether that's because you enjoy them, because you can sell the skill, or because they are something you want control over.

Just heard someone complaining that "young people have no manners".

How much you want to bet this same person complains about "political correctness" and "young people being easily offended"?


1001 Sounds from my Homemade Modular Synthesizer - FREE SAMPLE PACK
~~ Boosts appreciated! ~~

Over the years I have spent many hours recording sounds from my homemade modular synth and have loved every minute of it. I have used them in basically all music I've made since 2015! Often they require some tweaking to fit into a mix, but they have been an endless source of inspiration for me.

I'm sharing them with the world because I love these sounds and I want to spread that love. I have benefited so much from the open source community and want to give back! While I'm not much of a coder, I _do_ know how to make sounds. I hope that you'll find some uses for these weird sounds.

This pack contains around 1001 audio files along with sfz-format sampler instruments for many of them

~~ Boosts appreciated! ~~

I felt less good about this...
I think I put this up in 2019?
Never noticed.

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Wow. I added HTML Tidy to my website generator tests, and it found ONE error -- just enough to let me know it's actually doing something.

I feel pretty good about that!

Test of the interior part of a through-the-porthole shot. This will be composited with the exterior pullaway to create the final shot.

I'm revising my homespun static site generator, and only now catching typos I've had up on my site for a couple of years, now.

Embarrassing! I've looked at this site a lot of times without noticing them! 🥵

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