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⚠️REMINDER: Only download Inkscape from trusted sources and be cautious about emails with links, even if they claim to be from the project. If there's any doubt go to the source. The latest, validated release will always be available for free on our website.

Boosts appreciated.

Wow. It's been five years since I published my last "Two Minute Tutorial", which was on setting up for "multicam" in .

Mind you, it's funny to say, but the source code for being leaked isn't really a boon for software. It introduces a legal liability, since it'll be more plausible to claim that video streaming platforms copied the code (even if they didn't).

Almost like the SCO Linux thing, really, if they wanted to be jerks about it.

Published prior art should help, though.

Character turnaround of Rob Lerner: engineer, visionary, spiritual leader, and occasional drama queen. Takes a lot of things too seriously, including himself. Tries really hard, though, and usually succeeds. All about the mission.

A collection of character models, from back when many of them were still in modified T-pose prior to rigging. I think they're all rigged now, though some of the rigs are better than others (never really set up face rigs for walk-on/extras).

Hiromi and Georgiana were the top priority, because they need to do a lot in the pilot.

Librsvg 2.52.1 is out! This is a bugfix release. Fixes span ordering and text-anchor positioning in right-to-left languages, a regression in computing SVG sizes, and building on big-endian platforms.

RT @d_feldman
1990: The Internet is a magical distributed system that instantly routes around any instability, surviving lines being cut, servers crashing, and even nuclear war.

2021: Three companies own the internet and one of them broke.

A lot of these picture posts were designed as computer desktops, BTW -- this one is 1920x1080 Full HD size.

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Created from Daniel Fu's original 2011 character concept sketches. All eight of the main ensemble characters are represented here.

:gnu_imp: :inkscape: :cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:

I get the concerns, but is this going to be exploited to use Sec. 230 to effectively privatize censorship?

I get a little nervous when that gets suggested, for whatever goal. ISTM that removing platform immunity is a very dangerous path that will result in silencing individuals by corporate "ToS", thus sidestepping "free speech" protections in law.

I like the modular idea of the Framework laptop, but does anyone make compatible modules? Can they, legally? I.e. are they an open standard? Without that, it'd be another single-supplier bottleneck, and they clearly designed new interfaces.

Anyone know? Am I missing that on the site?

We will see more drugs coming out that can help in early infection stages with #SARSCoV2. They will be far more expensive, less effective and come with more risks compared to vaccination. #GetVaccinated.

"Decentralized" systems are susceptible to catastrophic failure if every node runs the same software created by a single entity. Open Source doesn't change this. *Social* decentralization and diverse implementations for a protocol provide better resilience and distributed agency.

I use Inkscape so much I sometimes forget to mention it. Most of the logo and decal graphics in "Lunatics!" were made with it.
:inkscape: :cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:

I remembered writing "a few" articles on multimedia software and film-making at Free Software Magazine as I transitioned to production on "Lunatics!" between 2010 and 2012.

Turns out, "a few" was more like 40!

Trying to package over a decade of experience, including several things learned "the hard way" into a "fun read" presents a considerable challenge.

I'm on about 15,000 words now, in three draft installments of "Film Making for Lunatics".

It's hard to keep it on track -- there are so many side roads one could easily slip down.

Exterior set test for the railway, including the my first success with the particle-billboard system for grass and gravel.

I was really pleased with how well that turned out.

Chris Kuhn created this model of the steam train on display in front of the train station in Baikonur. I created the decal graphics and collected reference material for it.

I have occasionally had second thoughts about the number of sets (and other assets) needed for our pilot episode, since we decided to start the story on Earth. Most of them won't be used in the rest of the series.

On the other hand, we won't be weighed down with legacy work from our experimental phase. It may make converting to Eevee for Blender 2.8+ easier.

These were all created using the Blender Internal renderer in 2.5-2.7, which is why I'm still using 2.79.

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