Funny thing. The theater I saw it in had the captions on. It was listed as "Dune OC" on the tickeg kiosk. Guessing that's what the "OC" meant ("open captions", maybe?)

@stux If SFC turns out to be the reef on which the Trump ship founders...

Well, anyway, I just decided I'd better sign up as a sustainer...


privacy policies written as:

"we respect your privacy and make sure to never share it with anyone else for any reason... except: analytics, ads, third party partners, to defend ourselves, whenever asked by police, anything else we feel like. But only with your permission (using this service is permission)"

One of the reviews I saw for Dune said it was "slow".

I had to think: "Compared to WHAT?" I found it really intense.

Then I realized: compared to comic book action movies, because that's what they were expecting.

Dune is a serious SF political drama, with deep and complex thoughts about a dystopian medieval future in space. If all you want is action, you're in the wrong theater.

Trump's Social Media Platform and the Affero General Public License (of Mastodon)

by Bradley M. Kuhn on October 21, 2021

An analysis: Trump's Group has 30 days to remedy the violation, or their rights in the software are permanently terminated.

#TruthSocial #Trump #Mastodon #SoftwareFreedomConservancy


Just saw Dune. Not ready to say much about it, but it was a pretty impressive adaptation. They got a LOT right -- much more in the spirit of the book than the Lynch version.

Will be seeing it again.

It's pretty simple. Just YAML data + Jinja2 templates + CSS and a skeleton site.

But it makes it easy to maintain the site as a collection of YAML data and various resource files, with templates and CSS mostly controlling the style.

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Working on "LunaGen" today -- my custom static site generator for the "Lunatics!" hub site (I.e. lunatics.tv )

I got it to work just well enough to create the initial site, but never quite rationalized it into an installable program with a good separation of concerns. That's what I'm trying to do now.

That'll also make it easier to update.

I really didn't write it with the intent that it should be useful to others, but I'll probably release it once I have something usable.

Development of "Hiromi Lerner" from the silhouette I cobbled together for the character sketch, to finished 3D blender models with different costumes used in episode 1.

:inkscape: :blender: :cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:

@xahteiwi Yeah, but I'd expected that business-protocol stuff to be separately maintained from software documentation, and the documentation with the software.

Otherwise it becomes a business management problem to make sure the software docs stay in sync with the software.

My experience is with doing this on my own -- where having the docs there is a reminder to me, but I would think a team would just make coordination that much harder.

The "Lunar Transportation System" is basically "containerized" -- it's set up to transfer modules like this one from point to point, sometimes with passengers.

This was a test render of the materials and decals. We'll first see this in use in Episode 2.

@xahteiwi No, but that SOUNDS like a terrible idea. Shouldn't the documentation for a piece of code be in sync with the code?


"In this case, Software Freedom Conservancy hopes to demonstrate that it's not just the copyright holders, but also the receivers of the licensed code who are entitled to rights."

Makes sense to me. The GPL gives those rights to all recipients, so they should be able to exercise them legally.


We at @conservancy filed suit as a purchaser of TVs to stand up for #copyleft. There was no source or offer for source even after we'd been working w/them for a long time on older products. Copyleft can help us take control of our tech in a meaningful way, it's a huge benefit to consumers.

Hmm. Not working so far.

So did Tumblr break this on purpose? Did Patreon? Or is it really just a design error, somehow?

It's kind of odd that it doesn't preview properly.

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@danslerush Yeah, I'm sure it's possible to figure it out with enough study, but you'd have to be pretty "bought in" already to go to that much effort.

Still. It's an intriguing project.

You know how you're cleaning out your storage room, and you find something really interesting you kind of forgot about? That's sort of how this post happened.

Also reposting this because Tumblr appears to have intentionally broken Patreon social linking (because it DOES have Open Graph tags), and I want to know how Mastodon handles it.


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