Development of "Hiromi Lerner" from the silhouette I cobbled together for the character sketch, to finished 3D blender models with different costumes used in episode 1.

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The "Lunar Transportation System" is basically "containerized" -- it's set up to transfer modules like this one from point to point, sometimes with passengers.

This was a test render of the materials and decals. We'll first see this in use in Episode 2.

The vacation was quite nice actually, I wrote about that on my personal blog.

(Huh. I guess the official wordpress preview doesn't work either. I feel less bad about my self-hosted one, now).

So, in lieu of the actual preview image, here's a random selfie from White Sands...

For most of August, I was on a road-trip to remote places in New Mexico for a much-needed vacation, not to mention some soul-searching about where the hell I'm going with this project and how long it's actually going to take to finish.

Then I did about three days actual work, mostly organizing files. So my August 2021 Summary is kind of short.

Anyway, here's the summary post for our (mostly my) project/studio activities in July.

Our network technician, hard at work.

She gets paid in cat food, so I guess we can't expect too much.

A series of check renders from the sequence of the Soyuz launch vehicle being setup prior to launch.

I'm putting together the monthly summary for June, when I completed animation on this shot.

Recreation of a Soviet-era landmark in the town of Baikonur, from the pilot episode. The inscription on the monument translates to "Glory to the Conquerors of Space", and the main feature is a wall with bas-relief art on both sides (the opposite side is also painted).

Sathish Kumar modeled the monument, light fixtures, and benches. I created the buildings, park, and textures. The trees are billboards, rendered using the Sapling Blender add-on.

I spent SO much time on this shot. It was pretty much the first to be "completed", except that now I've changed things so much I have to reconstruct it.

Part of a critical transition and a visual metaphor that kicks off the action in the episode.

Plan drawings, executed in for the colony model. Still mostly in the planning stage, because that's two episodes away.
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A collection of character models, from back when many of them were still in modified T-pose prior to rigging. I think they're all rigged now, though some of the rigs are better than others (never really set up face rigs for walk-on/extras).

Hiromi and Georgiana were the top priority, because they need to do a lot in the pilot.

Created from Daniel Fu's original 2011 character concept sketches. All eight of the main ensemble characters are represented here.

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I use Inkscape so much I sometimes forget to mention it. Most of the logo and decal graphics in "Lunatics!" were made with it.
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Exterior set test for the railway, including the my first success with the particle-billboard system for grass and gravel.

I was really pleased with how well that turned out.

Chris Kuhn created this model of the steam train on display in front of the train station in Baikonur. I created the decal graphics and collected reference material for it.

I have occasionally had second thoughts about the number of sets (and other assets) needed for our pilot episode, since we decided to start the story on Earth. Most of them won't be used in the rest of the series.

On the other hand, we won't be weighed down with legacy work from our experimental phase. It may make converting to Eevee for Blender 2.8+ easier.

These were all created using the Blender Internal renderer in 2.5-2.7, which is why I'm still using 2.79.

A college of my primary multimedia tools in 2010, from the same FSM article as the PD Soyuz model. Still use Audacity, Blender, Inkscape, and Gimp, although later versions.

Have adopted Kdenlive, Ardour, and Krita as major tools, since then.

Going over my old images for a historical article, I came across this early 3D version of the Soyuz -- from a low-poly NASA PD model, I believe.

Also Blender 2.49.

We've come a long way!

Aside from a little bit of SF greebly dressing and the use of a standardized androgynous docking adapter, our "Soyuz-SF" orbiter is basically just a modern Soyuz-TMA.

Model: Chris Kuhn
Research/Design/Texturing: me
Backdrop Earth: Timothe Giet

:cc_cc: :cc_sa: :cc_sa: "Lunatics!" Project |
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An example of how CC licenses are marked in practice, on an album on Jamendo. Ironically, this turned out to be one of my sources that disappeared later -- leaving me to wonder how I would prove the license if challenged.

But it turns out I took several screencaps of all the ways it was marked, in order to make this diagram! Lucky!

For a free film project, "copyright clearance" is really "license clearance".

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