AIArt (MidJourney) 

I made some cats with MidJourney last week, for incidental art to go with "KitCAT" to lighten up documentation pages. These were "portraits". I was thinking I might do some kind of theme, to represent different hypothetical users, maybe.

In honor of Caturday, I'm using one of them for my avatar today. I was impressed with how well the new algorithm handled these.

No post-processing on any of these.

AIArt (MidJourney) 

I also did some scenes with cats notionally operating film and recording equipment. Which gave some interesting results I might use for backgrounds or banners to break up the text.


AIArt (MidJourney) 

It does seem to have considered the possibility that by "cat", I really meant "a cool and hip human being", because it also gave me this...

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