Of course, I had to try this ( ).

"Attack ships off the shoulder of Orion" and "C-beams glittering in starlight at the Tannhauser Gate".

I will say that Craiyon's interpretation is nothing like the images these phrases evoked in my mind.

For both images, the way I imagine them would be quite subtle -- the sort of thing that is difficult to photograph and requires some movement for the full effect.

I understood "attack ships" to be spaceships, and "off the shoulder of Orion" to mean "in the direction of Bellatrix or Betelgeuse in the sky", probably from the point of view of one of the opposing ships. Which makes sense, because Batty was supposed to be a military replicant in the "Offworld Colonies".



The "Tannhauser Gate" has to be a science-fictional place name. Probably a planet or moon. Possibly an architectural feature.

And I'd assume the "C-Beams" (extruded metal construction materials?) are probably stacked at a construction site, but they catch the dim light from stars or reflected from another planet.

Alternatively, "C-beams" might be some kind of energy weapon.

I got the line wrong, unfortunately: it's "C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate". Similar...

Great thing to try, though. It might have turned out spectacular, you never know

I totally agree. The poetry of the whole thing is sadly and utterly lost

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