: A 3D Prop with , , and

Annotated (music, no voice).

The render is created, using MidJourney.

Then it is converted into texture assets, using .

A simple model is created in , then the textures are mapped onto it.

Total work time on this was less than two hours.

I did this as a proof-of-principle, in evaluating applications for incorporating prompt-driven AI art into my artistic workflow.

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I posted a quick demo of this 3D prop conversion from to last week.

This new, longer video, though, includes screencasts, showing the whole process of creating it, which took about 1.5-2 hours, total (the video compresses this to just over 8 minutes -- matched to the music track, which is "Venus" by Holst).

@TerryHancock Just amazing.I never thought of combining AI art with other tools. Now I want to try making something myself!

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