YunoHost is a special version of Linux which makes it much easier to host your own online free open source services. It works on many kinds of hardware including cheap small computers like the Raspberry Pi.

You can follow the project at:

➡️ (main account, in English and French)

➡️ (videos, in French)

More info from the official website at

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I guess. It's a webapp package system that installs on Debian.

Feels weird calling that "a version of Linux", but I guess, sort of...

@TerryHancock @FediFollows @yunohost Back in the day they did produce their own installable ISOs, nowadays the best way to install YunoHost is to install vanilla Debian then run their script


Interesting. I kind of figured it would go the other way.

But I'm quite happy with the way it works now. I like that the underlying O/S is the familiar and well-tested Debian that I have experience with. I've had to use that to get things working properly in a few cases.

@FediFollows @yunohost

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