grumbling about text formatting 

Plain text is a great format because it trivially adapts to the formatting the reader chooses.

Hard wrapping lines to 72/80/100/120/n characters actively goes against that. Now your text wastes space on larger displays *and* requires horizontal scrolling on smaller ones.

Please stop doing that.

grumbling about text formatting 

Or it wraps anyway and you get unreadable trash.


grumbling about text formatting 

Of course, this example COULD be re-wrapped at display time, assuming \n\n represents a paragraph break.

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@TerryHancock @emily Is there any standard command that does it for you? writing this off the top of my head so I'm just gonna hope it works

perl -pe 's/(?<=.)\n/ /g' <<< "poorly formatted text. piping it in should also work if you don't want to use redirection."

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