No DEB package for 'bfg-repo-cleaner'.

I check Ubuntu "Software". There it is. Yay!

Snap package. 🤬

Install anyway. "I'm going to regret this."

Try it on a sample Git repo.

"Not a valid Git repo".

"Yes it is."

I KNOW what this is going to be...

I copy the whole repo into my home directory. Then rerun. BFG works.

Of course. The Snap package wasn't allowed to see the drive my main development work is on.

Because, Snap.

"User friendly", eh?

Stupid petty martinet package system.

I mean, it looks like BFG is fairly easy to just install manually in /usr/local, so I'll probably do that.

But Snap really pisses me off.

The standard is completely antithetical to the ideal of user freedom. This should not exist in the Linux ecosystem.

Divorcing myself from distributions that rely on Snap is going to be a chore, but I will have to do it.


Actually, I discovered that git-lfs added a "migrate" subcommand that appears to supersede "bfg-repo-cleaner", so I think I will use that.

Based on the relative lack of documentation/tutorials, I think it must be pretty new, but it does have a good man page.

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