Continuing with in the 70s with "Solaris" (1972). This is the Soviet-era film by Tarkovsky.

This is another stunning landmark in SF film, although I do find the "Solaris" (2002) film a little more approachable.

The Tarkovsky film is atmospheric and philosophical. It has excellent cinematography, acting, direction, and also impressive sets (for the Solaris station in particular).

I only really have two problems with it as a film...


My watch continues on a much lighter (or grimmer?) note with "Dark Star" (1974).

A student film SF parody by Dan O'Bannon and John Carpenter, before they went on to make all those films they are famous for. It was made on a ridiculously small budget, and yet is a remarkably clever cult-classic film.

"Teach it phenomenology, Doolittle."

Dan O'Bannon himself described "Dark Star" as a major influence on his script for "Alien".

The titular spaceship was designed by Ron Cobb, who later did art design work on "Star Wars", "Alien", "The Abyss" and several other blockbuster SF films.

John Carpenter, of course, is known for directing thrillers and horror films, including the "Halloween" series and "The Thing" (1982).

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