I still have more of these poster sets in stock.

Originally designed for my daughter, they are a large "Portrait of the Solar System" in a "world-focused" presentation.

The set of 5 19x27in (46x69cm) posters compose a 8ft (2m) wide mosaic, or can be framed separately.

$60/set or $15/single from:

Boosts appreciated. It'd be nice to sell these.

[1/2 and more in caption]

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The shipping/handling charges are $12 for the USA, $15 for Canada, and $25 elsewhere.

They are sold through my Gumroad store, which I think works in most countries.

Purchase links:


Gumroad links:


[2/3 actually...]

I'm not sure which will run out first, but I've been wrapping these in extra 13x19" "Lunatics!" character lineup poster I printed for our pre-production Kickstarter, so you get that as a freebie while they last.

I found a better preview for that, that includes the sponsor stuff at the bottom.

[3/3 - done for now!]

P.S.: Thank you so much to those who already purchased sets, and thanks to those who boosted this. It's nice to make sales again. It's been awhile.

@TerryHancock I like the silhouette of those characters. Very identifiable

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