Soyuz ejecting the launch faring to expose the orbiter. Test render from "Soyuz Flight" sequence. "Lunatics!" Pilot/Episode-1 "No Children in Space", from last year.

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The biggest distinction between our "Soyuz-SF" fictional design and the present-day "Soyuz-TMA" is the docking adapter. The one in our animation is based on the international standard androgynous adapter promoted originally by Russia (APAS-89), adapted by the US, and currently used by Shenzhou orbiters.

"Soyuz-TMA" still uses the old "Soyuz Legacy" adapter.


Yeah, it's been done before. But most of the TMA series uses the old adapter (and of course, the Russian parts of the ISS use the one that mates with it).

That's part of the engineering challenge of providing reboost for ISS when (if?) Russia pulls out of the program -- in the past, I believe they've done this with a Soyuz docked on the end of the Zvezda module.

Presumably, they will build an adapter to allow a US or EU vehicle to do the job.

@TerryHancock Reboost can already be done with Cygnus, assuming they can get launch vehicles for it. Its usually done by Zvezda itself

@TerryHancock One idea I had was to stick a reboot kit in a cargo dragon trunk that stays attached. There's murmurings about reboots with the Dragon RCS but its really not optimized for it, they don't point in the right directions

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