Purchase links, if you would like your very own set or individual posters:

Our "book shop":

Direct Gumroad links:

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So you don't have drill down to Gumroad to find it: the individual Solar System posters are US$15 each, the set is $60.

Plus shipping/handling of $12 for US addresses, $16 Canada, $25 elsewhere. The set ships together in one large cardboard tube (4"×24"). It's slightly cheaper S&H for an individual poster, because of the weight, but it's a lot more efficient to ship them together.

You also get a free "Lunatics" poster, while they last, because I've been using them as a protective layer!

I just packed the first batch of these to take to the post office in the morning. Thank you so much, those who bought them, and to everyone who boosted the original post!

There's still more of them left! 😀

@TerryHancock so when do they build a catapult to send rice bowls to earth? ;).

@TerryHancock Heinlein; moon is a harsh mistress... come on, that's a pretty obvious one ;).


Oh right. It's a bit embarrassing that I haven't read it, yet. I started it a few years ago, but something about it was off-putting (I don't remember what) and I set it down. I still plan to give it another go, of course.

I know Heinlein through several of his "juvenile" novels, TBH.

@TerryHancock off-putting or not, if your going to produce any kind of story about lunar colonization, I would argue it is an essential read, much more so than Rocket Ship Galileo, which I also do recall...

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