I don't think I have done a post yet, but I do follow some pretty interesting people:

@morevnaproject Official account for Cyberpunk-anime retelling of the Russia folktale of "Marya Morevna"/"Koshchei the Deathless".

Also a HUGE source of animation production info and tools.

And currently producing a motion-graphic animated series based of "Pepper & Carrot", created by...

@davidrevoy - also the designer of "Sintel" of the eponymous open move by...



More ...

Some new people I met since I came here:

@ajroach42 Doing homespun old-school television. Also live music shows along with his musician friend @DoctorDeathray .

@ItsMeChrisWade Animator working on "The Will of Monsters".

@tio Is working on what looks an EPIC documentary series, "TROM".

@ChrisWere is mainly a tech-vlogger, still on YouTube, but also PeerTube.

@Lyrilith friendly-neighborhood VTuber.

Well, that's a good start, anyway.

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@TerryHancock @ajroach42 @DoctorDeathray @ItsMeChrisWade @tio @ChrisWere

Thank you so much for the kind mention! :bear_hugs: I barely stream lately, but if I do I will announce it here. You can find past streams on my Peertube account (link in bio). :artaww:

Quick question: are you using a free software stack for your sessions of virtual tubing, or do you intend to switch there when the alternatives are mature enough?

@csolisr Yes, I'm using free software. Most of it isn't open source though, but there are some projects for that in the making. :)

Yep, I'm aware of OpenSeeFace-GD (currently going for a rebranding) and Inochi2D. What's left for now are tools to create the avatars using a fully libre stack

@csolisr I'm using a 3D model made with VroidStudio. It's possible to create one in Blender, but my 3D skills are way too bad. 😅

@Lyrilith I wonder if somebody is brainstorming a #Blender plugin to make avatars more easily from there?
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