Open source doesn’t mean that everyone gets to dictate a project’s direction.

@brainblasted the problem is that most of the users aren't contributors. Your statement implies that an Open Source project aims to please its contributors (whatever that means) only.
This isn't how open source works. That's how Open Source projects usually loose their user base.
One could look at this from another point: providing feedback is already a contribution. But that's just a word play.

@brainblasted Many Open Source projects care enough to perform user surveys correctly realizing that their contributors aren't necessarily represent their user base.
Yes, contributions allow to move quicker in some directions apart from the development plan but shall not decide on the plan itself.

@brainblasted Listening to your user base is the way to make a project more popular. When a project becomes more popular it's tempting to fall into a feeling that all your decisions are correct and you now better but that's a dangerous illusion.

@brainblasted Gnome seems like suffering a lot from that. Another example is Python (CPython specifically).

@lig @brainblasted I disagree. Based on my observations many users seem to have a loose definition of "community driven", and often think that community driven == they are entitled to dictate. This obviously gets tiring for devs when they see people opening issues, demanding devs what to do and expect a good experience.

GNOME devs might sound rude but that's mostly because they directly say no or are blatantly honest. They aren't like Apple where they mislead users and try to sugarcoat things.


@TheEvilSkeleton @lig @brainblasted

I think a lot of users who are used to proprietary software rant in bug reports, because they don't expect to be listened to.

By explaining and making the case for a change, you make it a well-defined problem and show respect. I think that makes it a LOT more likely to be listened to.

In the end, we're not entitled to other people's time. We can suggest. We can pay. Or we can do it ourselves. Nice thing about FLOSS is it gives you those options.

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