At 1:20 million scale, Jupiter would be a little over 14 meters or about 47 feet in diameter. The Earth would be just over 2 feet in diameter. And the narrower dimension of Deimos (Mars' moon) would be about 0.55 mm (0.021") -- just barely visible to the naked eye.

I've often imagined building museum displays of the solar system objects at this scale (Not their orbits, unless I could get the highway department involved! The distance from Sun to Pluto would be about 300 km / 180 mi)

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Sorry, I goofed. Jupiter would be 7m in diameter (about 23 ft) at 1:20 million.

I originally figured it for 1:10 million, but decided that was too big. Forgot to update. Ironic, since Jupiter was the reason it was too big!

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