@Curator -- I thought I saw a post about new emojis on site, which suggests you update them now and then.

You have several open source multimedia software package logos, but I notice several missing, too (e.g. Kdenlive, Ardour, Audacity, Papagayo, Synfig Studio).

I have logos collected already for other uses. I could match a spec. Looks like (all vector/plain) SVG format is needed?

How might I contribute that?

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@TerryHancock Hi! I'm sorry, completely missed this - I'll double check and get back to you tomorrow, just shutting down for the night 😁

@Curator Thanks! No rush.

I make a lot of workflow diagrams, so I hang onto logo art for the software.

I might have to convert some to SVG, but I have other reasons to do that, so it's no burden.

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