Rewatching (modern) just about through the Capaldi era, now.

I think I can rank the portrayals of the Doctor, according to my personal preferences:

Tom Baker (4)
Sylvester McCoy (7)
David Tennant (10)
Peter Capaldi (12)
Jodie Whittaker (13)
Chris Eccleston (9)
Matt Smith (11)
Peter Davison (5)
Jon Pertwee (3)
John Hurt (8.5?)
Collin Baker (6)
Patrick Troughton (2)
William Hartnell (1)
Paul McGann (8)

This is ranking the performances, not the scripts.


I think if I were going to rank the scripts, instead, it would be more like...

Matt Smith
David Tennant
Chris Eccleston
Peter Capaldi
Peter Davison
Tom Baker
Sylvester McCoy
John Hurt
Paul McGann
Jon Pertwee
Collin Baker
Jodie Whittaker
Patrick Troughton
William Hartnell

I realize this is crucial info, and my opinion is much sought on the matter... 😅

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