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Hopefully my pinned posts for and my bio offer some , but I'll add more:

I am presently a self-taught free-culture director and producer.

Director by choice, Producer by necessity.

The aspect applies in two ways: both that I use a completely / production pipeline, and that the project is structured around free licenses, and will be released under CC By-SA 4.0, which affects the funding model.

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I still have more of these poster sets in stock.

Originally designed for my daughter, they are a large "Portrait of the Solar System" in a "world-focused" presentation.

The set of 5 19x27in (46x69cm) posters compose a 8ft (2m) wide mosaic, or can be framed separately.

$60/set or $15/single from:

Boosts appreciated. It'd be nice to sell these.

[1/2 and more in caption]

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This the preview trailer for "Lunatics!" ep. 1 "No Children in Space", made much later (2019), with a number of updated animations, though there's still some that needs replacing.

Alas, the episode is still unfinished, but I'm getting closer!

:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa: 4.0

Full credits on the episode page.


Pack the bench.

Good enough for FDR, (The superior Roosevelt) Good enough for me.


i wonder how much of a difference it'd make for this stuff to be something Everyone Knows. put it on album covers etc.

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The news coming out of the US is like something I would expect to hear from the Council of Islamic Ideology here in Pakistan. Conservative fascism really is the same everywhere.

Crush the poor. Control women's bodies. Criminalize dissent.

It might seem strange to have any rendered animation like that in the library repo, but these are stock shots in the title sequence, so it's handy to have the prerendered animation stored.

But it wasn't great dealing with the large number of files. This will make them a little easier to manage, I hope.

I did all of this on a test copy of the repo. I'm now working through the process on the copy I already uploaded to my server.

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In the past, I converted Audacity 2.x project files (which consist of a ".aup" file and a "_data" directory full of audio clips) into a stable form for checking into SVN, by making a zip archive, for which, I adopted the extension ".aupz"

Today, I did a similar thing for archived Kdenlive projects -- adopting ".kdz"

Also converted a PNG-stream directory to ".pngz" (and though I don't have any in the repo, will use ".exrz" for EXR streams, if they come up).

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I'm getting the hang of using "git lfs migrate" and "git-filter-repo" now.

I managed to get that 25 GB repo down to under 100 MB in the actual repo, with about 25 GB in LFS. So that's about as good as I'm going to get with that.

I also managed to ditch some of the trash files in the commit history that I had never dealt with before (like stray "*.blend1" files).

Also decided to pack some of the files into archives and just store the archives.

Feeling a LOT better about it.

This was Roger Moore. I'm pretty sure the previous Bond movie was "Live and Let Die" and the next (from the end credits) is "For Your Eyes Only" (I remember nothing about that one, except the theme song which was all over the radio then).

There are a LOT SF callbacks in this one. They even ripped off the title font and color from "Star Wars" for the end credits. I mentioned the "Close Encounters" keypad. And the space station is strongly evocative of "2001".

But all just a little bit dumber.

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Bond, is of course, his troglodyte misogynistic sexist violent self. I kind of hate him.

"Jaws" has some great comic and weirdly-sympathetic moments in this film.

The space technology is all just a little "off". They clearly had been introduced to some real concepts, but didn't quite get them right.

I was actually favorably impressed that they seemed to get the notion that "artificial gravity" on the space station had something to do with rotation, though that's about as far as they got.

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Next - to bring the tone down a bit, well, a whole lot, really...


James Bond goes to space. Also Venice, Rio de Janeiro and for some reason Guatemala, which is supposed to be in the Amazon...? Anywhere, there's a Mayan pyramid.

Pretty sure that's a direct reference to Star Wars.

The key pad combination to the evil secret lab plays the contact motif from "Close Encounters".

The "Moonraker" looks EXACTLY like the US Space Shuttle.


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So, of course, I absolutely loved it. I was, I suppose, about 12, then, and an extreme Trekkie -- or "Trekker" as I would've insisted at the time!

The space shuttle "Enterprise" appears in a wall-display in the recreation room in the movie. Of course, the Shuttle was in development then, and had not yet had a launch.

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continuing w/ 1979:

"Star Trek: The Motion Picture"

Actually, I watched this just recently, but I like it, so I watched it again.

They do spend a lot of time showing off the special effects, but you have to remember, we were Star Trek fans when the sets were cheap and the optical effects extremely unconvincing.

And Star Wars had just come out, which really pushed the boundaries on effects. So we had a chance to see all that with deeper themes, history, and characterization!

Seems like kind of a weird default. Probably mirroring how filter-branch works, I guess.

I can see I'm going to have a complex procedure to write up! But I am finally getting some results with Git, which is kind of a relief.

Once I get the procedure down, I'll have to repeat it on each of the 12 repos I copied up to the server, and then push them onto the Gitea server, and I should be back in business.

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git-filter-repo was fairly easy to install manually, because it's just a single-file Python script.

I have a lot of "*.blend1" & "*.blend2" files taking up space in the repo that were accidentally committed and later deleted.

I did hit a "gotcha" -- that "invert-paths" switch is pretty important! It tells it to delete the paths you are specifying instead of DELETING EVERYTHING ELSE.

No "undo" for this, it's all just gone!

Oops. So I'm starting over from the top, today!

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So, I started to get some useful results with "git lfs migrate" last night, after I made sure to use Git clone to create the repo I was testing on, rather than a filesystem-level copy.

Then I started learning to use "git-filter-repo" (a 3rd party Python script that is recommended as a more efficient and simpler alternative to filter-branch for whole-repo history-rewriting).

I plan to use this to strip out blob data that was committed by accident.

Actually about 2.5X less efficient.

This is probably still a win, because the LFS data will be stored in S3 object storage, which is a lot cheaper than local storage on the server.

But it's interesting. I wonder why that happens?

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This at least gave me some actual results: most of the filetypes I had specified were converted to LFS storage.

One annoying thing is that the storage still grew a lot, and the growth remained after running the cleanup and garbage collection.

But the regular repo is now much smaller -- 1.1GB now. But the LFS storage is 25GB, compared to 10GB for the same data in the regular repo.

So I guess that implies the LFS storage is a little less efficient?


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Okay. So I've changed a few things to try to follow the examples more closely, and I think I've got it working better.

I had previously just copied my repo to a test directory to work on it, but this time, I used Git to clone it -- so I guess that's not just a simple copy.

I also deleted all of the working files from the directory, so that only the repo itself remained.

Also, on this time, I verified that the lfs directory was empty.


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