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A review of some of my best 2019 pieces. It's been a fun year and i cannot thank you all enough for your support. Weather you are a patron ( ) , have supported my Ko-fi, commissioned me, retweeted/shared my posts directly from my pages, liked my stuff, etc. You all mean a lot to me! I've got some big goals for 2020 and my patrons also get a say in what projects i focus on so dont miss out!

Icon for Rooth!

Things have been so busy this month that I haven't really been able to take on more but if you are interested and are okay with me getting it done in early January (if not before) then feel free to fill out the form at and select Icon > Ornament and i'll get to answering the forms as i'm able to, during my holidays.

A little preview of recently completed piece over on patreon of my character Acacia. I'm very happy with how this piece came out~

This piece is brought to you by my wonderful Patreon patrons ( ) who voted on this piece and who get early access to all my finished works, alternative versions, and more!

2009 vs 2019 in terms of art, i've come a long way! It's always neat to look back and see how much i've improved. :)

Up to 30% off everything on TeePublic ( ) until Dec 18th!

There's uplifting/motivational designs, furry/anthro designs, sublte furry and animal designs, fanart and more!

Every purchase gets you sweet swag and keeps me creating!

This month's Patreon request stream drawing for Wigran!

Get in on commissions, behind the scenes content, requests and more at

Previously made sketch clothing ref, updated to match the new ref sheet style for Wigran ( ) :)
Sheet 1 of 6! Be sure to check out Wigran's page for more info on their characters!

One of 6 new ref sheets for the awesome Wigran as part of my Passive Commission Tier on patreon. Thank you for all your support!

My most complex ref sheet to date~

(Some new slots may be coming to the passive commission tier soon so stayed tuned at ! )

A process video from a few years back! I miss sketching freely, going to be doing a lot more of that next year because I’m cooking up plans to make more time for my own stuff ~

Offered up 3 YCH's for my patrons and this one was taken by the awesome Wigran. Always fun drawing thier characters~ :)

Progress video will be up in ~5 days on YouTube ( )! Patrons get early access to all finished content!

Inktober piece for Bozo. I'm SO HAPPY with how the shading came out. I tried something a little more dynamic and tested a few things and i'm very happy with it. :3

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