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Offered up 3 YCH's for my patrons and this one was taken by the awesome Wigran. Always fun drawing thier characters~ :)

Progress video will be up in ~5 days on YouTube ( )! Patrons get early access to all finished content!

Inktober piece for Bozo. I'm SO HAPPY with how the shading came out. I tried something a little more dynamic and tested a few things and i'm very happy with it. :3

Streaming an Inktober commission, then a patreon YCH after and watching charity stream! View on any of these places





Been watching Chipflake on youtube (go watch at ) and thoroughly enjoying their videos~ Had to draw some fanart. :3

Come to table 3 at howloweencanada ( )for zines, prints, commissions, badges, enamel pins & more! SFW & NSFW content (bring gov issued photo ID for the later.)

Preorder select items at and comment in "Howloween 2019 pickup" to get your shipping returned and items can be picked up at Howloween for free. Preroders must be in by Oct 31st, 5pm pacific.

Patreon ( ) |Ko-fi ( ) | Twitter ( ) | Facebook ( ) | Instagram ( ) | Discord ( ) | Telegram ( )


Ethereal lights reveal this very cool Kitsune~ The final teaser for Issue 6! Sketched by Mic S ( ) Inked by

Perfectly spooky for this time of year! Another coloured image teaser from issue 6! Sketched by Callosyx ( ) / Inked by Mic S ( ) / Coloured by Zelaphas ( ) !

Get access to larger teasers for even $1 per ISSUE (not per month) at or buy single issues at

Final week-ish before the PDF goes live in our store! So it's time for final image teasers~ See larger teaser for just $1 PER ISSUE (not per month) at

Sketched by Zelaphas ( ) / Inked by Callosyx ( ) / Coloured by Mic S ( )

Etsy store sales have plummeted & really hurting for funds. SO! ! Until 10am pacific tomorrow, these are on sale with TO CAN/USA. Ships tomorrow.

Order at

Last week I hosted a free Inktober giveaway and the winner was mattsworld ( ) ! Patrons ( ) got 5 day early access at the scanned final image and progress video!

Bonus goodies in Issue 6! Alternative cover art drawn by TrixksIllustr ( ) / Zinnie image drawn by wildelements ( )
Preorder Issue 6 (40% off) until Nov 1st at or through

Our final event milestones have now been reached and we are 71% to our next funding goal for this issue!
This is so exciting!

You can preorder Issue 6, 40% off, by supporting us on Ko-fi for 2 Ko-fi ($6CAD/~$4USD) or from our store at before Nov 1st!

My free inktober commission giveaway stream STARTS NOW!

Must be present in stream to get the entry link.

Will remove as soon as i'm able, once done.

View on

SFW but Botanicabre/Botanigore (Plants growing out of a humanoid character) might squick some folks? 

Inktober commission 2! Prompt "Overgrowth" featuring patron Embers' character Etherial who got a discount and first dibs on slots!

Setting to mature even though it's pretty tame, for the sorta boddy horror. I assume it might squick some folks out.

5 day early access to finished pieces & videos and more at !

Inktober commission 1! Prompt "Ancient" featuring patron Wigran ( )'s character Arcten who got a discount and first dibs on slots! 5 day early access to finished pieces & videos and more at !

So happy to finally get to post this! Dragonmanmike and I did a trade for my October feature! I drew up his synth shark lady and he drew Temrin turning demonic!

Check out our posts:

Mine (multiple versions) - (Join my patreon and get access to 4 versions of the image, SFW and NSFW, as well as the monthly featured artist piece as well!)

DraonManMike's -

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