2 pre-pose badge slots for @HowloweenCanada ( twitter.com/HowloweenCanada )are open! Full colour, themed, partial background & any sex/gender/species. ($77-105 ish USD.) Will be printed/ laminated & with clip, pickup at Howl only! Order at form.jotform.ca/72226737184258 (select OTHER and state which slot)

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I made a roguefort cookie print!! I'll be releasing the full version of the art on my discord/patreon! For those that would like to see it early, as well as a speedpaint of the piece, consider becoming a patron!!

PATREON 🌸 patreon.com/salteddetriment

Worked on the big YCH project today but then, needed a doodle break so i did these for some of the stream watchers! For skyican ( furaffinity.net/user/skyican ) o0reika0o ( furaffinity.net/user/o0reika0o ) (a doodle for me) and luminescense-beta ( furaffinity.net/user/luminesce ) !

A new ref sheet for Bozo! I'm really happy with how this came out and it's cool to see older Bo! Character belongs to Bozo Lummox!

Next stage of the YCH project on patreon.com/temrin ! All patrons, even $1 folks could get their characters into it for FREE! Next I'm going to take patrons fav games and get the background done up with those in mind. I'm so excited~

Announcement challenge has been solved! Please welcome Zelaphas ( zelaphas.com/ ) as part of our collab team. Lots of goodies available to all supporters and preorders of issue 6 are ON SALE for $6CAD/~$4USD (2 kofi)on Ko-fi ( ko-fi.com/cszine ) !

Join us for the 3rd Artist Reveal Event of Issue 6! Milestones and announcement challenge is up and you can get cheap preorders of issue 6 PDF at ko-fi.com/cszine !

Join us for the 3rd Artist Reveal Event of Issue 6! Lots of goodies available to all supporters and all the proceeds go right back into the project to make it happen. Get Issue 6 poreorder on sale for $6CAD/~$4USD as well!

TEASER! Spider Monkey sticker, proceeds going to help the amazon rainforest. More information, finished sticker design and order form goes public Sept 2nd. Patrons on Patreon (patreon.com/Temrin) get early access to secure their orders and they get to see the finished sticker first.

A portrait for Artica who snagged the commission through patreon at a discount! I always love drawing artica (furaffinity.net/user/artica) and their characters. Get in on commissions before anyone else, exclusive offers and more at patreon.com/temrin !

Woot! Patron telegram sticker tier folks got some fun stickers this month! They always have such great ideas for stickers and it's so much fun to make them :3 You can get your own, or get first dibs on open commission slots at patreon.com/temrin!

Sleepy Deer Sticker! Thanks to my patrons for making this happen and voting on designs! Merch Bundle (patreon.com/join/Temrin/checko) folks joined by Sept 1st get these (AND MORE) automatically added to their next merch bundle!

Milestone #2 has been revealed AND a new sticker has been added to the roster for milestone 3! It's super cute and drawn by collab artist Mic S! Head over to ko-fi.com/cszine and get the sticker pack for $3 or $6 for the pack AND the preorder of issue 6 ON SALE!

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