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2015 Content that i'm putting up on ! Originally content from p*treon that you can now enjoy without a subscription for those of you who prefer one-off purchases at

Includes 1 SFW image, 1 NSFW image, 1 Progress Gif, 1 Progress Video & 1 Working File!

Patreon patrons got early access to Promptober commission slots and at a discount!

This one is for Bozo Lummox who looks to be trying not to be a werewolf snack~

Progress video at

commissions for flight rising peeps
my sight is.. way too weak to work from such small references rip

New content bundle has been sent! Join my Patreon @ now to get access to behind the scenes content, HIGH RES CONTENT, requests streams and get in on LIMITED commission slots and more! (Character belong to their respective owners)

First Promptober (patrons got early access to com slots AND viewing final pieces) of the season~ This one for OmniOtter ( ) with the prompt "Pumpkin Spice"!


🎉Upcoming (Discord) Livestream Party: Oct 25th, 1-3PM PDT.🎉

Guest of Honour: Bozo Lummox (5+ years being a patron! HECK!)

Full info/links on public post at !

Streaming some commissions and requests! First hour or so will be SFW so i'll be on ALL of the followng places:


If i'm still good to continue after that, then it will be NSFW content and only on Tigerdile and Picarto.

Mostly just unsure what would be better to put my NSFW artwork under: unlisted, or follower only. 🤷 Just seems like NSFW stuff gets hidden hard here when I'm an adult and would like to opt-in to being able to search NSFW stuff from time to time? Folks should be able to toggle nsfw at will imo. (And no, i don't want to make another masto account in a different instance. Too many socials!!! XD ) Just trying to figure out the best way, here on .art.

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Curious question, since unlisted posts don't show up in hashtags even if they have them, do follower only posts not show up in tags as well because it's follower only or do they show up in tag searches stating you must follow to view? (I honestly cannot find evidence of how it works and google searching FAQ is failing me.)

NSFW Furry Art: Fox char w/ breasts/vag & shapeshifting alien tentacle character, vag penetration. 

I opened up a couple YCH's during September for my Patrons, with a tentacle theme! "Consentacles"! I created a character capable of becoming very tentacular, for them as well~

SO! Here is Wigran ( )'s Rhen, enjoying some time with the yet unnamed alien character~

@Ylfingr we miiiight have commissioned a sticker based on this post from @Temrin a while back :3

Also did a cute little Retro/"Jetsons" car doodle badge for @jlbee of their platypus character, River! :D

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Patrons got early access to these before they went public! Get perks like this and more at

CozyCon is this weekend and i'll be streaming live commissions both days and these YCH's are part of what is available!

Order at
*Pick OTHER and then link to this post and state which YCH you want

:mastoart:•ART will never serve you ads, track you, sell your data, or charge you to use our site. But there are still costs related to running one of the largest artistic communities on Mastodon, and we rely on the generous support of our users to keep the lights on.

If you have the means and inclination, you can support us in two ways:



Otherwise, just keep on inspiring the :fediverse: with your amazing art! Thank you!

Discounted shops!
Use code "COZYCON2020" for 20%-50% off!

►Sept 19th:
●11AM PDT: Ask the CozyCon Chair - (Questions closed)
●12PM PDT: Livestreaming for roughly 2-3 hours - Live coms available

►Sept 20th:
●Livestreaming from 12PM PDT for roughly 2-3 hours - Live coms available

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CozyCon Online is THIS WEEKEND! 

It's FREE to attend and takes place primarily over on Discord - 

There is a FREE DIGITAL SWAG BUNDLE also available in the discord that includes colouring pages, badge and more!

There are 50 vendors, lots of events and gaming too!

View thread for my sales/coms/streams/etc!

NSFW: Nude furry OC pinup, breasts, vagina, provocative. 

August ! Patrons voted on it, got behind the scenes, a pack, progress gif and higher res!

Get the higher res versions by joining my patreon at on a $5+ tier during September!

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