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Few days left to get an ad inside Canvas Swap, the collab art zine! All info at (and the tweet linked inside that one.)

is getting closer and closer! Here's one of last years featuring Temrin and ! Get your characters into this years inktober project over at for $8+! Cut off is Sept 30th!

3 day sale on this new design on ! Get this magical Temrin on tshirts ($14!) mugs, stickers & more! - Hard enamel pin design coming soon to Etsy!

For anyone looking for other prompts, check out Anthro Art Prompts for endangered flora and fauna inktober list at !

An awesome person purchased some stickers from my store! Thank you so much, It means more than you'll ever know! Get up to 30% off EVERYTHING in my store at !

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are live for Canvas Swap issue 3, Light & dark! Featuring @DracoUnderGlass @nutcaseart @yvenly @CorpseEffect! Every purchase keeps us running and supports the ! Get your copy at

Get 20% off everything, today only, using code TAKEOFF at - ends 11:59 pm Pacific. ALL purchases are super appreciated!

is coming! All $8+ patrons can get their character(s) into the collection at - It's free bonus artwork during the BIGGEST month of the year on my . Don't miss out!

After some updates, we're $87 to the next goal! This will cover my rent and a celebratory image will be made with patron input! Join the community and get sweet , and more (also !)

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@Oasus Glad to see more people i know coming over to mastodon!

*HAPPY SCREECHES* The pins have arrived!! Getting everything packed up for my patrons' orders. All info at !

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Also, 2 new pieces done for the fundraiser! Both for WDG. They ordered a bunch of their character to clarify some body parts for reference. Lots of yellow dragon bods incoming! Coms are open at for the fundraiser to upgrade my desk to address my carpal/tendonitis.

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