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Introduction + Art w/non-explicit artistic nudity Show more

Why the heck didn't the photo cross post. >:(

I just supported an awesome artist on patreon! @AngelaLochCross - patreon.com/AngelaCross You guys should really check out her works. She's also got really neat characters! Elves, furries, humans and more! Best of many worlds!

Sale has started! $14 tshirts and up to 30% off on everything else! (Mugs, stickers, notebooks, totes, cases, etc!)

It might be getting warmer and warmer out but my morning tea is still my favourtie part of the day.

Teepublic is having a big ol sale starting tomorrow! Up to 30% off everything and that means more $14 tshirts and much more! teepublic.com/user/temrin Some of my new designs are already on sale!

At last! I can share my pic! I'm very proud of this and thanks to my patrons i was able to take some time and work on something i really wanted to work on <3 All info at patreon.com/posts/18802180

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the names flower.
flower, you know- the druid. the elf who is totally a druid, a druid who studies druid-y stuff.

flower, the druid.

I finally got her done :D

A commission for Chubby the Dragoness over on patreon. Commissions for these ARE open to the public! Info at patreon.com/posts/18537250

We are $6 (2 ko-fi) from the final goal! Since the announcement challenge has been solved, there is now a bonus , drawn by Strawberryneko! Check out t.co/NIMS1J90ph to get all the goodies!

Got my copy of ! I am very much looking forward to reading this. :D Thanks to @Eskiworks for tweeting about it! Check it out at uncivilizedbooks.com/draw/inde

Last but not least, we've got three unlockable during this event! ko-fi.com/cszine ($3 gets you the pack, helps unlock more stickers, can get your name in the supporter section of issue 2, you can guess a letter for the announcement challenge, etc!)

Once the artist has been revealed there will be a little bonus for the event!

Our 1st issue 2 starts TODAY (officially in a few hours) but we are taking questions EARLY since they are only answering them today! Get your questions in and don't forget to guess a letter for the Reveal when you submit your question! Https://ko-fi.com/cszine

Issue 2 is underway and we've got our first artist reveal event set for May 4-6th! (STARTS TODAY!) Ask Zinnie questions (May 4th only), announcement challenges and NEW telegram stickers incoming! We can't wait! (RT's appreciated!)

Leem and I finished playing dad of boy last night and I want more. Can't stop thinking about it. Never played the previous games but understood the gist. Wasn't my jam but this game... Gimme more dad of boy! XD *time to wait forever*

Good dinner, snacks, drawing and watching the leem play dad of boy. Nice chill evening.

Now that I finally realized that my cross posting from TweetDeck to here was going to my .social account and not here, I've fixed this so hopefully I'll be more active here outside of just art posts and art ads. XD

Last day to get in on commission tiers for May and we are $79 to the next goal! Art supplies have already been ordered for May so don't miss out on the @ArtSnacks tier, @copicmarker tier, and the upgradeable sketch tier! patreon.com/Temrin