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Something i started for a contest on an Earth Eternal server i've been on for a long time. ! Not as polished as i would like but it was super fun to do! Maybe i'll revisit it when i've got time. :D

Freebie doodles from last nights' Relaunch party stream! I think i might do patreon requests streams more often. This was really fun to just chill with fans, voice chat with patrons, draw some doodles, answer some questions, etc. So stay tuned for more info on those!

RELAUNCH PARTY STREAM IS LIVE on & ! ALL patrons ( https:/// ) signed up before then get access to stream perks! All are welcome however so come party!

PUBLIC RELAUNCH PARTY STREAM, MARCH 16th, 5:30-7pm PST on & ! ALL patrons ( https:/// ) signed up before then get access to stream perks! All are welcome however so come party!

Telegram Stickers x7 / Furry Art / 1 NSFW sticker male anthro nude canid Show more

Stage 1 of my BIG patreon overhaul complete! Join the community for exclusive content, commissions & more over at !
Patrons have been a integral part of this relaunch with all their feedback! <3 Consider becoming part of the community! Even $1 is helpful and keeps me creating!

Now that the patron only holo prints are ordered (not available in these stores) the image is now up on / / ! Shares appreciated! <3 (The item on Teepublic is also ON SALE for a few days so don't miss $14 Tshirts and up to 30% off everything else! ) 

Convention prep time! Come hang out while I print, laminate and pack some items! Streaming on Tigerdile ( & Picarto (

Every now and then i offer up some free extra art for my patrons ( because they are incredably awesome and this time i got inspired to go all animal crossing ish on them.

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Hey! :> Another WIP question (about another important character of mine...)
I'm looking for lineart and coloration critique on this one! Please tell me what you think!

...and XD

These badges were so fun~ I'll have them available as take home commissions at my VancouFur Dealers Den table! (#29). One with and without wings. I can't imaginge vaping in a bottle is good for you but it certainly looks neat! Art © / Character belongs to

I don't often get to do pony art but i'm always happy when i do~ I love drawing ponies and i couldn't be happier drawing a little changeling. :) Art © / Character belongs to LinuxPony /

Final batch of badges done! Here is one for Void. I really like how this one turned out~ I love making things glow! Art © / Character belongs to

I'll be at March 7-10th, vending at table 29! Come see me for some limited themed items, , , , , , & more! Limited at con commission slots so don't wait to see me! Also hosting a bingo with prizes!

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