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HUGE Online "garage" sale is now public at patreon.com/posts/huge-online-! Lots of art/goodies up for grabs! Doing this to fund some moving costs and the best way to get stuff if you've missed convention sales!

Issue 2 is almost upon us and its even BIGGER than issue 1! 20 pages featuring , , & (all on twitter) ! Preorder your at cszine.com/store/ now! Get 1&2 for $20CAD (~$15 USD) until July 1st! @mastoart

Apparently my link messed up so here is the proper one. patreon.com/posts/19028021

Join my patreon before July 1st and get all kinds of extra goodies! All information at t.co/Bn73f53If1 Don't miss out on monthly commissions, first dibs on sales, freebies and more!

A quick personal image of my gal. Get 5 day early access, first dibs on , , , direct input on what I work on & more by supporting my work on ! Extra goodies for all joined by July 1st! patreon.com/Temrin

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Happy friends! Stay safe, have fun, and love one anotter! โค๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ
You can get this on a shirt or something if you'd like:

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An older piece but I want to be quasi present here while I'm adjusting to the new site

Exciting! is now on (& their has been upgraded, t.co/NIMS1J90ph to allow subscriptions to get quarterly PDFs!) Join Patreon, t.co/6jk9EWrx4U , by June 30th ($25+) and get our logo pin on top of your regular rewards!

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It's goodie time! ALL those who join my by July 1st will get some cool physical items! (There is no charge June 1st so join now to get your regular tier goodies of choice before they are gone!) patreon.com/Temrin - RT's appreciated!

What are your fav cute/happy animal pics/gifs/videos? I could use some cute animal cheering up right now. (Our laundry washer and fridge borked this week. What fun.)

Another piece! This time , using paper and inking pen from last months pack and my own watercolours.

A super fun trade with SuperNova that allowed me to practice watercolours more and try some effects i've been wanting to do for a while~ patreon.com/posts/18949310

Why the heck didn't the photo cross post. >:(

I just supported an awesome artist on patreon! @AngelaLochCross - patreon.com/AngelaCross You guys should really check out her works. She's also got really neat characters! Elves, furries, humans and more! Best of many worlds!

Sale has started! $14 tshirts and up to 30% off on everything else! (Mugs, stickers, notebooks, totes, cases, etc!)

It might be getting warmer and warmer out but my morning tea is still my favourtie part of the day.

Teepublic is having a big ol sale starting tomorrow! Up to 30% off everything and that means more $14 tshirts and much more! teepublic.com/user/temrin Some of my new designs are already on sale!