For those interested in , I've started a little blog to keep track of my gaming adventures. I've got a huge backlog that I'm trying to get through when I'm not distracted by new shiny things like Flight Simulator 2020 and Star Wars Squadrons. Updates won't necessarily be regular, just whenever I get around to actually gaming.

Took a quick flight in on my lunch. I look down on the instruments for a moment, next thing the windows look like this. Can't be good.

September was a month of . The new , and yesterday I ended up with . To be honest, I needed a bit of a break from writing but also from the kids virtual school stuff. is a great escape in that sense.

While working on a bit of research for a new feature, I accidentally discovered a solution to another development problem. This in turn led a much improved mobile view of the Activity Log, wouldn't you agree?

Read more below:

Well, after spending the last couple of weeks figuring out how to proceed with a busted hard drive, it's now been replaced. Operating systems are installed, software slowly making their way back.

Friday night: plans for tonight is to see if I can get an old laptop back up to speed while I figured out what to do with my busted one.

This week has been one of hard drive died the other night, taking two operating systems and 1TB of data with it. The important stuff is backed up, thankfully, but now I need to decide whether to replace the drive or just get a new computer (it needs replacing anyway).

Well, seems like I made up for lost time yesterday. I woke up a little bit earlier today and with my trusty cup of tea, I managed 612 words this morning.

Every morning, I spend at least 30 minutes with the Online Writing Log, sprinting for a monthly challenge. After spending most of May tweaking the Challenges and Sprints feature, I figured it might be a good idea to record a more in depth walk-thru for those interested.

Check out the video here:

and the Online Writing Log here:

My goal this month: Write at least 500 words every day. So far so good.

The Official OWL May challenges have been posted. 500 words/day to get you to 15,500 words for the month of May.

In addition, join us for daily 30 minute sprints and compete against the other challenge contestants.

My first attempt at a heavy/wide load in American Truck Simulator happened to take place in the middle of the night and early morning. It was quite the experience but the sunset was fantastic.

Well, I met my modest April writing goal. I didn't succeed on writing every day but I still managed to get there.

768 words written today. Pretty happy with my progress so far this month.

Got my lawn mowed yesterday. Wrote 511 words this morning. I'm feeling accomplished.

Trying out this Mastodon client on Linux, Tootle.Works pretty well so far. Anyone else have any recommendations on the Linux side? I'm using Elementary OS at the moment.

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