New blog post: An Unexpected Ending to NaNoWriMo 2018.

Read about how NaNoWriMo ended abruptly for me just hours before the deadline.

The last couple of days, writing ground to a bit of a halt, partially due to life in general, partially due to a messed up graphics driver that has been a pain in my rear for the last couple of days. It's finally resolved but it's impacted my writing time....ugh.

Day 25 of

If you're feeling stuck, try to mix it up. Throw in something unexpected. You never know what could happen.

1848 words for today. I need to get more but I'm completely exhausted so I'll let it go for tonight.

Day 20 of

I think about my stories all the time. Oh, how I wish someone could invent a device to transfer the brilliant stories playing out in my mind to my computer.

Oh wait... Someone did. It's called a keyboard.

Bottom line, to get your story written, you have to put in the work. Dreaming about it won't work.

You can do it!

Day 18 of

I use every break I can to write during the workday. It helps me reach my daily goals most days. Make the most of the time you have.

Day 17 of

Your goal is not to create the Interstate of novels. No, a dusty gravel road full of potholes is just fine. Just get that story written, flaws and all. Then you can go back and pave it later, add street signs, lights and all that.

2729 words today. That catches me up a bit and puts me at 23445 words total. I'm feeling pretty good at where I'm at too.

2261 words today. That claws back a little bit of the days I've missed. 17k or so total.

2261 words today. That claws back a little bit of the days I've missed. 17k or so total.

After a busy weekend, I'm hoping to finally get some writing in. I'm getting behind

Total word count for today: 1875. I could really go on writing (I have the time) but I'm beat. Time to relax.

1727 word. Naptime is over. Back to parenting. Maybe time for more later. Current story total is 14k.

Home with a sick son today is an opportunity to get some writing done while he naps. Better take advantage of it.

From our back yard tonight. Freezing as heck but it was worth it.

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