It's been a bit slow going the last few days with my writing but back in the saddle today. 549 words before work. I should be able to replicate that on my lunch.

I've started documenting OWL and it's features a bit better through a series of short videos.

Here's the first one, walking you through how to add a project.

What do you think?

Productive morning. 1106 words before heading out to work. I'm happy with that!

Cup of tea in hand, the cats have been fed. Time to write.

550 words this morning before work. That's an accomplishment. Today's going to be a good day, I think.

So me starting a new job kind of took the wind out of my writing the first week of February...but I'm back at it now. 1081 words tonight!

I expect many more this coming week.

Working on some graphics tonight. New badges and stuff. Keep forgetting about those.

Finally Friday!! I need a few days off this week!

Finally Friday!! I need a few days off this week!

ok, I'm giving this Anbox a try...could be cool to run certain Android apps on my laptop

Anyone tried Anbox, running Android on Linux?

My wife got my this monthly subscription for a watercolor painting a week. Here's my first one, My first attempt at at watercolor. My safe zone is usually colored pencils.

2019 finally made it. Check out the latest update for the Online Writing Log below. After NANOWRIMO and the holidays, getting back into it.

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