Did you know you can use @scrivenerApp on a Chromebook? Just in time for , I've put together a tutorial that tells you how to do it AND sync your projects with @Dropbox


So finished my first digital art tutorial today....about three hours to go through the tutorial and also get to know the app I'm using. For a first try, not too bad, I suppose.

Gives new life to my art projects, I can tell you that!

I've just realized that my 2-in-1 Chromebook works great as a digital art platform! Ok, off to explore drawing in a screen.

is less than two weeks away! Are you prepared?

Hop on the bus for inspiration throughout November and a chance to win some great prices!


Been playing around with API's for the last week...figured out a way to collect reading stats from Wattpad into Google Sheets. That feels like an accomplishment. Instead of going through the chapters and manually checking read counts, I press a button and five seconds later, the data is there.


Next, working on my post on how to use Scrivener on a Chromebook. It's simpler than you think.

487 words today. Not as much as I wanted but it's something.

I had a feeling I was being watched while I ate dinner... Sure enough!

Website is back...but the cause is still not resolved. There goes my evening, I guess...

Well, I guess my site (blog) is down for the time being, something about resources. Checking with my host. First time this has ever happened.

546 words for today on a couple of different projects.

Now, I need to do some bug catching for

The ended with the shortlist for me. So, what's next? Here's my post-Wattys plan. It includes a lot of writing! (watch out ! :) )


Are you participating in this year? Looking for and ? Check out for support throughout your journey, plus drawings for books and other services specifically for you, the writer. More info below:


Plus, premium access to the Online Writing Log throughout the month of November.

Managed to get some bugfixes in for the tonight. The trophy progress bar and some behind the scenes table linking wasn't working. Should be all fixed now.

I've had a lot of great feedback this past year as I've been writing The Descent. Is it worth reading? I'll let my readers feedback speak for itself. :)


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