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Oy, Tcan here. Fight me. 👊
I'm gonna be the best, I do all them arts.

Really though, I'm just an art nerd. Get into a lot of this stuff. Some of my favorite poops are Even Amundsen, Kim Jung Gi, those kinds of people.

Here's some of my own shit too, down below. Mostly been doing portraits, but I'm about to get out of this comfort zone.

Yesterday I watched the trashy 80's movie "The Sword and the Sorcerer" and somehow felt the need to draw something medieval-ish. I'm always a bit bummed at how poor the gold always looks when you scan it. :( So I added a photo to show how pretty it looks IRL.

A doodle of my bard
i'm still slowly working my way out of ARR but i hope people have fun with Shadowbringers! :D

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