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Oy, Tcan here. Fight me. 👊
I'm gonna be the best, I do all them arts.

Really though, I'm just an art nerd. Get into a lot of this stuff. Some of my favorite poops are Even Amundsen, Kim Jung Gi, those kinds of people.

Here's some of my own shit too, down below. Mostly been doing portraits, but I'm about to get out of this comfort zone.

Study schmudy, got more detail than the ref but still feels more like a copy, need to break down stuff more. Jamie Jones had a good way of studying things.

AAAHAHAH, hate it but it's so fun look at those goofy ass faces and shit. Left one I guess is okay, right one I gave up on.

Natural pearls are all iridescent and I wanted to draw something themed around that.
With the queer space rock kind!
#Mastoart #fanart #creativetoots

So, this was a challenge for me. I had a hard time coloring this from grayscale since it was my first time doing so but I'm not mad at how it turned out haha ✨

Here's some designy memes. Did some quick gold studies, and I get now why people think it's so pretty.

Lil doodle. It's alright for a lil "kind of stressed because work starts soon" sketch.

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Goofy animation, pretty much the first time I've animated something like this. I'll send another lil animation I did some time ago as well...

Wanted to create something new for the challenge that’s still going strong on Instagram. So here’s my girl Ecsenty.

Action 3/99 : Running
Or more like jumping over something??? Alessa is pretty disciplined with her daily dose of sports 😀👍

Planchetta was inspired by my graphic tablet ("planchet" in russian) Wacom Bamboo Pen&Touch. I own it for many years, and it always was good working, stable and reliable (I hope it will stay this way for long). Total black appearance and a little thin glowing panel reminded me of church and nuns.
I added apron to protect it from pen scratches, but there's no crosses on real one, it's just for the atmosphere.

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