I made some Pacapillars for their Halloween event /v\ I'm really happy with them.

They've already been sold but you can check out future designs on the website~ play.pacapillars.com/

I'll be doing Art Fight this year, its my first year there ;v;

Follow me and I'll follow back <3 artfight.net/~TeaLeo

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Hi! It's been a while since I drew Remilia from Touhou Project. :>

I really like how the coloring turned out!

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guilty for using my villagers for free medicine cause i cannot be bothered to find that one spot with weeds to craft my own and too proud to buy it from nooklings

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VII. the chariot

now i also finally run out of backlog of these lmao rip. 8 left to draw

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My first post on here! Very excited to get started here!

Here enjoy a dinosaur.

God I didn't realize its been a full month since I posted the sketch of this. For whatever reason this took me a really long time to complete - but I'm happy with it!

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Gunna christen this place with my newest art piece- my OC Azar <3

trying to force myself out of a rut, so have a new sketch 👀

Also is this how you draw a guy? akhfoeaf I'm too used to drawing women and anthro characters

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hey there all cool cats and kittens

running away from dA's terrible choices

Don't mind me, I'm just going to be uploading some old art while I get used to these new sites ;v;/

This was a gift for a friend of their goodest boy

I'm fleeing from DA and just spent a few hours revamping an old sketch into an icon ... send help


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