I might actually take my computer/tablet with me and do commissions when I get to my aunt's house. would $15 for a full body with simple shading be a good price??

Aaaa, finally getting back to getting work done! I've been a lazy butt who plays too much XIV.

Wooo, finished SB with my gf last night, was up til 5 am omg. We just couldn't stop really.

But now that's done, satisfaction is in my tummy, I can go balls deep in working on commissions.

Hah, I knew I wouldn't be able to do any drawing today because of the window guys. Today's just basically a wait all day for them to finish, then pass out for a few hours.
Still looking forward to starting my commissions tomorrow!

And the FA commission post has been put out!

Alrighty, uploaded my saucy commssions to FA. I still got room for like 2 more slots for my flat color commissions so I'm gonna offer them to FA and pick whatever super hung wolf as a client!

Money's money!

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Why do I always feel like I want to make things in Sunday night? I have work in the morning, but I really want to keep drawing...

Something... fuzzy... is in the works.

May contain fangs.


One newt moot down, four to go! Almost done. They're getting scanned tomorrow, but I'm unsure when they'll be online proper.


also this from around the same time. my computer is dying bc I'm trying to copy many files at the same time and it's slow so I'm not sure this is the right variation of this file since I 't play it lol slime.global/media/_Pr-KBHmYqm

It'll be a good week to try drawing some of my own stuff and practice since the initial launch week of Stormblood's finally relaxing.

Such a good game tho!

Hmm, if I don't get too many bites on my commission post I'll just go ahead and work with what I've got.

They'll get their pictures much faster, haha!

@Curator And open for commissions! A li'l poke cause you asked to be put on a waitlist last time- mastodon.art/@Tawa2Tawa/771578

Taking a bit longer break than estimated, but I'll be opening for full body commissions this Sunday!

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