OC lore 

One of Minako's hobbies and ways to relax is origami. She learned it from her dad as a child, and since then has formed a habit of making rather elaborate objects in her free time and leaving them around the house. When people come to visit she'll let them pick out their favorite and keep it. She's also super into do-it-yourself crafting and if she's not doing origami to relax you can often find her making or tinkering with stuff around the house.

Need to actually draw Regina in color sometime

Regina's number is 027 because I'm a sucker for gorowase

Wanted to draw Regina but I've got no idea what I'm doing anymore lol. Thankfully she's a robot so when I gave up on drawing her right hand, I just decided she's not wearing it...

Some sketches from last year of my Nora! These days I tend to imagine her hair being a bit shorter than it looks in these drawings. I guess she just got a haircut since then (^_^)

"What video games does your OC like?" Minako Shiya edition 

Minako is a monster at OSU! and probably good at rhythm games in general. She plays Minecraft creative mode only and spends too much time building crazy shit. Atelier is her favorite RPG series. She probably plays Touhou on Lunatic difficulty. She'll play fighting games, but only as cute girl characters regardless of if they fit her playstyle or not so her mileage varies.


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