I've published my FAQ for new players on a Lodestone blog entry. If you've recently started playing the game, consider giving it a read. na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodesto

I wrote a new player FAQ for but I haven't figured out where I should publish it. Maybe I should just put it on my character's blog on the Lodestone lol

I can't find it anymore but I distinctly remember a Reddit post from a guy who was very upset that a pretty large chunk of the playerbase are lesbians and that they're "taking over" lmao

Finally on the last step for my Dancer relic weapon. There's a few different ways to go about completing it so I have to decide what will be most efficient and least annoying to do for me.

The cool thing about is there's about 40 different things you can do to gain EXP so if you don't like doing the thing you're doing to level up, you can just stop and do something else instead. If it sucks hit the bricks!

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It sucks that I've seen people get turned off of trying by seeing people who don't know how to level efficiently complain about running dungeons over and over

Why are all the people who spawn S Rank hunts in apparently west coast night crew? I was asleep from midnight to 6am EDT and I woke up to 16 S Rank notifications on discord, and I only have it set to only notify me for the certain types of S Ranks that I want to do.

Most of the restrictions put on free trial players aren't necessarily to incentivize people to buy the game, but rather to prevent bots made on free trial accounts from being able to do those things. You'll notice that the majority of things free trial accounts aren't allowed to do are things that would give another player a notification popup that could be spammed if bots were able to do it.

Wondering if I've gotten famous in since I've been getting multiple random friend requests every day for a while now and that doesn't seem to be a common thing happening to the other people I play with often

The new relic weapons are cool but I'm not gonna rush to get them because there's no content I do (no content in the game?) that requires me to immediately have one. Plus this content is meant to keep us busy for the next 6 month's until the new expansion comes out. I'm not gonna blast through it and burn myself out.

The new hairstyle they're adding to tonight would actually suit my character pretty well I think. Maybe you'll see it on her in... 3 or 4 years XD

is a MMORPG. The game does have some problems but a lot of the complaints I see about it online can be pretty easily solved by simply playing with friends.

I really don't get why is considered "the anime MMO" when it's probably the least anime-looking MMO to come out of Japan, and other games that actually have an anime-inspired art style.

dragons reproduce asexually and choose their own gender

There's so many people here. I wonder how many of them started playing the Dark Knight job in because they were fans of in the first place.

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People are crafting bonfires, an item usually sold on the market board, and handing them out for free to people who don't already have one.

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Across all the worlds of , Dark Knights are standing together in vigil for the passing of Kentaro Miura, author of . The Bards here are playing the "Guts' Theme" from the 1997 anime adaptation. There are so many people here that my game will only load a small portion of them nearby my own character.

Having gone through two expansions of in real time my experience with the game has been vastly different from most of the people I know who play it, who started relatively recently.

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