4 episodes in I think Wonder Egg Priority is probably the best new I've seen in about 3 years. But because it's a show explicitly about coping with trauma, it needs like, every content warning.

minusT is 1 person who does 3DCG anime adaptations of games using and the direction and choreography is better than most of what the professional industry does.

I made this yesterday entirely for my own personal enjoyment but I'll share it here as well.

You ever watch an just because the opening is fucking amazing? Anyways I'm watching Wasteful Days of High School Girls tonight.

Yeah I just finished watching the and now I wanna rewatch it AGAIN but dubbed this time and also probably re-read the idk

I feel like the opening is a pretty generic slice of life OP song but for some reason it keeps getting stuck in my head in a way most similar songs don't.

Can't stop thinking about how some people apparently call it "Neon Genesis" and not "Evangelion"

I wanna check out Japan Sinks 2020 but also given... *gestures at the world*... I don't know if I have it in me to watch a disaster series.

Usually when a new season of starts there's like 40-50 new shows and maybe 3 or 4 are worth watching. This season only 3 or 4 shows are airing and I'm not going out of my way to recommend any of them at this time. Maybe take this opportunity to watch some older shows.

At this point I think is probably my favorite . It has some issues but there's no other show I have as much genuine fun watching, and it stays just as fun every time I rewatch.

the ridiculously high production value for the Kaguya-sama: Love Is War is a joke in and of itself

Finished my rewatch of G with @Jehnubis earlier today. Looking forward to hopefully watching GX.

Here's my of Phos from based on part of the opening sequence of the . It's from early 2018. I was still figuring out how shading worked (I'm STILL figuring out how shading works), but I'm very proud of the face and especially the "hair", which is made of a number of layers. It's got a very cool translucent look. I thought I'd shared it on this account already, but I guess not!

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