I consider Astrologian and Dancer to be canon jobs for Minako but I've never done story content as either yet. She was a Dragoon in A Realm Reborn and Heavensward, and then a Dark Knight for Stormblood and Shadowbringers.

Oh my god I just realized the hair for the retainer I made in is just Nora's hair with different colored highlights...
I should try making Nora in the character creator...

OC lore 

One of Minako's hobbies and ways to relax is origami. She learned it from her dad as a child, and since then has formed a habit of making rather elaborate objects in her free time and leaving them around the house. When people come to visit she'll let them pick out their favorite and keep it. She's also super into do-it-yourself crafting and if she's not doing origami to relax you can often find her making or tinkering with stuff around the house.

I've been thinking about Regina a lot lately. I made her as best as I could in the character creator and took a ton of screenshots to use as reference images. Next time I draw her she'll look a lot more mechanical than she has in the past.

This is an illustration of Nora I did almost exactly a year ago and I still think it's one of my better ones.
Before this I'd only drawn her in winter clothes and I wanted to put her in a more spring-like outfit.
I really like the texture of her hair in this one. I think I've gotten much better at drawing fabrics in the time since I did this.


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