Since there was literally no of Anders from on the entire planet, I took it upon myself to draw some. But I wasn't gonna draw her in the boring Operator uniform so I went for a "day off" outfit I thought would fit in Guilty Gear.

This is the first ever image of Anders from to be uploaded to the internet.

I really don't get why is considered "the anime MMO" when it's probably the least anime-looking MMO to come out of Japan, and other games that actually have an anime-inspired art style.

There's so many people here. I wonder how many of them started playing the Dark Knight job in because they were fans of in the first place.

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People are crafting bonfires, an item usually sold on the market board, and handing them out for free to people who don't already have one.

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Across all the worlds of , Dark Knights are standing together in vigil for the passing of Kentaro Miura, author of . The Bards here are playing the "Guts' Theme" from the 1997 anime adaptation. There are so many people here that my game will only load a small portion of them nearby my own character.

Since we've had so many reveals for Endwalker this weekend, I've decided to reveal Minako's job for the new expansion's story, Dancer, and her updated look to go with it!

Square Enix is holding an art contest with the theme, "memorable moments in Final Fantasy XIV". This is my submission to the Screenshots category, titled "Mutual Understanding".

I made a custom artwork for my arcade stick! I drew the background in :krita:
I'm using this version as my desktop wallpaper (the version for the arcade stick is much wider and high resolution).
I wanted a Reimu Hakurei arcade stick but it was sold out, so a friend suggested I put custom artwork on one. But if I'm doing a custom stick, I wanted my character Minako on it. So I put Minako in Reimu's outfit for the art.

Like, I also think super horny gamers are hella gross but the amount of people who act like every character needs to dress like Arcueid Brunestud is honestly just as frustrating to me.

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This is probably the most I ever sweat playing a fighting game

I made this yesterday entirely for my own personal enjoyment but I'll share it here as well.

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