Having gone through two expansions of in real time my experience with the game has been vastly different from most of the people I know who play it, who started relatively recently.


I have a lot of boomer moments where I'm like "Hey remember [thing]?" and everyone I'm with is like "No I wasn't playing the game yet."

Y'all Shadowbringers kids will be in my shoes soon when everyone who starts playing after right now has no memories of the Ishgard Restoration happening and skips Bozja, nevermind whatever gameplay changes they make for the new expansion that might completely change how a job or activity feels.

Everyone will buy Augmented Cryptlurker gear with tomestones of poetics. Nobody will know what a tomestone of revelation is.

@TapiocaPearl boba I just want you to know I am already in your shoes just a little bit every time I hear the new kids complain about aether currents and about how they miss flying in all the ARR zones, at the start of Heavensward

@TapiocaPearl 5.3 was such a massive quality of life patch that I already have some of these moments lmao

I'm genuinely looking forward to more of them

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet My most controversial FFXIV opinion is that I like the aether current system, I just think Stormblood put them too far out of the way lol

@TapiocaPearl the only aether current areas I think are badly done are the Lochs and the Tempest, tbh

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet imo the lochs just needs that one really infamous one to be moved to a better spot and the tempest can be solved by just having the aether compass tell you if it's above or below you. I just think the general rule for aether current placement should be that you can get to them as the crow flies from at least one of the aetherytes in the zone, because the way the compass works will never indicate to you that you need to make a loop around the map.


I wonder whether "boomer" will be a word which takes on a more general use to substitute for "old person", "someone from an earlier generation" instead of just a person who was born reasonably soon after World War II.

That surely seems to be the way you have used it. You certainly don't qualify to be a boomer, yourself.

*intrigued by language*

@Algot I think the terminology will sort of shift with the generations because I've already had people younger than me refer to things I do and say as "millennial"


Of course, "millennial" is reasonable for describing you.

@Algot For sure. I'm just wondering if eventually people will simply use "millennial" the same way I might use "boomer" instead of boomer taking on a new meaning. Right now when I think of an older person I'm usually imagining a boomer but eventually millennials will be the older people and thought of as such.


It would be fun to read the entries for both "boomer" and "millenial" in a dictionary from 100 years from now. Millennial, does have the more traditional meaning of describing events 1000 years apart. Boomer is pretty much a "new" word by comparison.

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