I thought I would like cuz it's supposed to be more like Tumblr, but... I actually like better?? They have the ability to filter key words and block NSFW content, but I don't want an all or nothing experience, I just want to be warned before hand. I love the CWs here because it let's you assess on a post by post basis if you want to engage with that content or not.

@JLGribble I feel like Mastodon is extremely good for artists and it's so bizarre to me that artists seem to be a relatively small part of the population here

@TapiocaPearl I've tried to tell a couple people struggling on insta about it, but they have their whole businesses built around the (tanking) exposure there so I think they're hesitant to move... and the concept of decentralization and instances is very disorienting if you haven't encountered it before... at least, that was my experience, anyway.

@JLGribble If it helps, I like to remind people that they're actually already used to decentralized/federated stuff if they use email or phone numbers.


@JLGribble Honestly I've found that what gives artists the most trouble here is getting used to using a social platform rather than a brand platform. There's no algorithm to game here and people will avoid interacting with you if you post more like a brand than a person, and all that is backwards from what artists on the birdsite and instagram are used to.

@gemlog @TapiocaPearl @JLGribble I have 16k followers on insta, through no particular effort, and I get FAR FAR FAR more engagement and even sales through Masto. It's great here for artists who like community.

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