I'm frustrated by the ways that most artists use social media and I kinda think my presence on here is a rejection of that in a way.
To be clear, on other sites artists are forced to behave in a certain way in order to have their work seen by others, because of The Algorithm and the way potential employers/clients look at social media. But in this place, you don't have to act like that, so I make it a point not to.


Mastodon.Art was created as a place for artists to interact and share their creations with each other but it seems to me a lot of people here don't post considering the context that other artists will be the first to see and interact with their creation, and are still operating under the "shout into the void" mentality of other social media. I feel that the potential for this instance to be a place where artists connect with each other as fellow artists is mostly being missed out on. This is sad

@TapiocaPearl I have to admit my connection to the rest of the instance became a lot more shallow when the simplified masto UI was introduced as it means you don't really see the local timeline anymore unless you remember it's a thing.

(On top of the usual shyness)

What might also be a thing is that's it's not only algos that can silence a person, but also if environment gets tense or simple exhaustion (as 2020 is pretty good at doing that to people).

@TapiocaPearl unfortunately it's a lethal mix.
I came to mastoart because I believe in federated socials and open source (and derivatives), but I'm really bad with socials and have no idea of what to post in this kind of platform.
Imo the fact that you'll end up in someone's feed can be very stressing to some, and that "shouting into the void" ends up being a bit reassuring, because no one can hear/see you.

But you are right. It's sad and it's the big platforms' fault.

@TapiocaPearl aww, that indeed sounds like it would be an amazing space for artists! Ive never been part of any artist comunity on social media because they just give me too much anxiety. So Im not always sure how to act here, for example if i should message random people I like, since there doesnt seem to be a whole lot of interaction between the users. x_x But I completely agree with you, I will try to be a little more active too and I hope the place can reach its full potential <3

@alleycat That lack of interaction is exactly what's so frustrating to me. I feel like people are hesitant to talk to each other because on other platforms artists are expected to just share their art and never talk to anyone or post anything else. But like, here we can talk to each other, complement each other, and ask questions. It's extremely meaningful to be told something as simple as "I like this" on something you made.

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