草 is the Japanese character meaning "grass" but online it's slang for "LOL". The Japanese verb "to laugh" is 笑う(warau) which would be abbreviated online as "w" which, when repeated for emphasis (wwwwww), looks kinda like grass, so 草 started being used to represent laughter online as well.

tbh I understand very little JP online slang but I think this one is great

草 also looks a bit like a little person laughing, so that works out nicely!

@TapiocaPearl I've recently stumbled upon w as LOL but I didn't know the reason. Thanks for the explanation! :D

@TapiocaPearl the thai word for 5 is "ha" so online laughing is often written as "5555555"

@technomancy @TapiocaPearl Nice! I sometimes see hispanic writers spell laughing as "jajajaja": in my birth language "ja" means yes and the "j" is pronounced as "y". It took me a while to recognize they weren't agreeing, but laughing.

Japanese use "888888" as a slang for clapping, because "hachi" (eight) sounds kinda like "pachi" (onomatopeia of clapping)



these are great. i love the grass mud horse and the hidden fiery crab especially.

also apparently they have a nickname for Kim Jong Un — Jinsanpang (金三胖; Jīnsānpàng) – literally "Kim Fatty the third"

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