I don't know how to use but I sure do know how to use dance emotes in !
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Behind The Scenes 

This video took 6 hours to make from start to finish. I did it in one sitting!

15 different emotes were used in this video. I meant to use one more dance, so it would have been 16, but I forgot. It came out fine without it though.

All of the camera movements were done manually! Some of them took multiple takes to get right. I have a lot of unused footage.

There are many mistakes in this video, but you probably won't notice them if I don't point them out.

This is a fantasy game otherwise she would NOT be wearing those shoes on tatami mats.

Behind The Scenes 

@TapiocaPearl It's so cute!

The only thing I noticed is that her mouth was moving in the final cut, but no lyrics were being sing

Behind The Scenes 

@ishiku It's just part of that specific emote. For most of the video, her mouth isn't moving while lyrics are being sung lol.

Behind The Scenes 

@TapiocaPearl Darn, I thought it was intentional, since I only noticed the previous instances when there was singing

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