Was discussing with my Free Company how Square Enix could have made their own lives a lot easier when adding the new playable races if they just added pronoun selection to the character creator. Don't want to make a new character model for female hrothgar? Just say they don't have sexual dimorphism and let players pick the pronouns for their characters separately. But also let people pick pronouns for the other races separately from body type so people can make characters look how they want.

I know it's more work to record new voice lines with different pronouns but they could at least have a he/her selection since those are already in the game.

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I saw a player the other day that was a male hyur character model but with very feminine name, hair, clothes, and makeup. This person clearly put effort into making their character look a certain way (looked great btw) and it sucks that you can make your character look the way you want but can't pick the pronouns to match.

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Yoshi P says trans rights so I'm sure he'd be open to this idea. He already said they're going to work on slowly un-genderlocking more clothes in the game so that people can make characters that wear the clothes they want on different body types. I feel like pronoun select so people can match the pronouns they want to the body they want would be relatively easy to implement, though I can't say for sure how much technical debt the game has that would make it more difficult than it should be.

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@TapiocaPearl NGL I'd legit go with they/them every time, Pyre did it, I tried it and it felt so cozy
I think building it into ffxiv at its current state would be hard and clunky though... it's much easier to set this stuff up at the beginning of development to avoid spaghetti code.


@StarStrider Unfortunately I don't think they would, at this point in the game's life, add new pronouns on top of what's already there, but I do think they could at least let us pick between He and She

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